Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Great Joy Brings Great Sadness

This morning when I went to clean Shadow's cage as usual, I thought he was a little quieter than normal.
Not interested in the loo roll inner, or grape I offered him.
A few hours later I was disturbed to see him looking very unwell and unable to walk straight.
I took him out and after what appeared to be a fit, he curled up in my hand.
My heart sank....what on earth was I going to tell Teen Two?
It's exactly three months since we walked this path before and I knew the sadness that lay ahead.
Shadow however was still breathing, but very obviously seriously ill.
Teen One and our house guest were in the room so I discussed the possibilities...do we go straight to the vet and it all be fait accomplish when Teen Two came home, or do we leave Shadow, possibly in distress, for a few hours, until Teen Two came home and could  benefit from being involved in this sad process.
I didn't have to make any decision as within minutes the phone went...Teen Two had pulled a hamstring in PE and was in considerable pain...would I go and collect him!
Thank you Lord for overruling in such a way.
Needless to say, it was  a sad conversation I had to have with Teen Two on the journey home.
But he was able to feel thankful for the pain he was in, as it meant he could spend some time with Shadow for the last time.
We had a vet appointment for 4.30, the earliest they could fit us in.
Poor Teen Two had raging stomach pains for a couple of hours, the anticipation of what was ahead.
It was the same vet we saw for Cookie, she was very sympathetic and helped us feel better about the decision we had to make.
So for the second time in a few short months we have had to bring home a precious little parcel and prepare ourselves for a little funeral service.
Pets really do bring so much happiness to our lives, but with that great joy, comes great sadness at the parting.

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