Wednesday, 28 October 2015

"Go Ye Into All The World...."

I am sad to say,  I forgot to pick up my camera today!
You would think I would remember by now wouldn't you!
Today started by helping my Recycled Teenager next door change his bedding.
He is very routined and has a very specific way of making the bed...who knew there was more than one way!
After a year of helping him with it, I think I have mastered the art!
It was then time to take Teen Two to school for his last revision session of the holiday.
Teen One and I popped into town to return one or two items and have a general mooch around.
With time to spare, we indulged in a Costa.
As we were walking through town, we could hear a street preacher.
I must say, its not something you hear a lot of these days, and I admire the courage of the young man, who stood with an open bible and told all the passers by of their need of a Saviour.
I have no idea where he comes from, but as we walked past, he said to the small crowd "have you accepted the Lord Jesus as your Saviour?"
I turned around and put my thumbs up and gave him a big smile.
He seemed to appreciate the gesture and it didn't put him off his preaching thankfully.
He certainly is fulfilling the Lord's command to "go into all the world and preach the gospel."
Before we knew it, it was time to collect Teen Two from well as picking up my Monday Recycled Teenager en route.
We had asked Grandma if she fancied a trip out, but she is a bit under the weather, so we asked our dear friend instead.
We had planned to have lunch there....those meatballs and gravy are so yummy!
The queue however was very long and our tummies were in much need of the food by the time I finally arrived with the trolley laden with our lunch.
Its the first time our friend has been there and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even if it was very busy and a lot of walking...she will sleep well tonight!
Teen One bumped into her old maths teacher, who was delighted to see her and catch up on the 18mths since they last saw each other.
Its good to finally be back home... I feel quite shattered!
Teen One has made us all a lovely cuppa and Teen Two has made the bolognaise for dinner and put it in the oven.
So now, its time to sit back and chill a bit!

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