Thursday, 29 October 2015

Free Lego...What A Treat!

Bright and early this morning ( expect it wasn't so bright!) Teen Two and I headed off to the local indoor play area.
Arriving as it opened meant we had the entire place to ourselves.
This death drop slide always makes me shiver, but the kids don't seem to have much trouble braving it!
We met a friend and her two sons there, and then another friend dropped off her foster child, whilst she went to  a funeral.
It was good to catch up with my friend, the only downside to this place is the coffee they serve is dire! So I don't bother! Such a shame, there are few things as pleasant as a lovely cuppa and good company.
I promised the kids a McDonalds for lunch, but it was a little early, so we called in to the nearby Toys R Us.
What a surprise to discover Bricktober had hit our local store!
The kids were able to make their own kayak, and all for free!
Teen Two was in his element!
I am not sure if it was Little Missy's thing, but she tagged along and happily made her own kayak too.
To make it an even more enjoyable experience, they had the table to themselves!
I can imagine how frustrating it would be if the place was heaving with eager hands trying to get to all those little pieces and trying to follow the guide.
They were both pleased with their little freebie.
After a drive thru lunch and the usual cleaning next door,  a sausage and lentil casserole popped in the oven ready for dinner, I am enjoying a little sit down, whilst Teen One plays with Little Missy on the floor.

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  1. I can only imagine how much teen two enjoyed today - right up his street!