Monday, 12 October 2015

Doing My Bit For British Dairy Farmers

For a long time I have felt rather sad that our British farmers are forced to sell their milk at a loss.
It just doesn't seem right does it?
Up until today, as consumers, we had little choice but to pay the price the supermarkets charge.
Today however, Morrisons  (and maybe this has been in place elsewhere?) have started selling a new range, whereby 23p of the milk goes direct to the farmers.
I read a BBC article that said even 10p would make a huge difference, so lets hope 23p gives these hard working families in the farming industry the profit they deserve.
I must say, at my local Morrisons today, customers most definitely voted with their hearts....the new milk section was empty! I had to ask a member of staff if there was any more.
Whilst I like a bargain, and wont usually pay more than I have to, I am hoping our budget can sustain  the extra pound or so its going to cost me each week.
It will be worth it if it means we are able to continue to buy British milk.
Tonight we are definitely going to have to start lighting the fire, both Teens were chilly after their bath last night. Teen One wrapped the crochet rainbow blanket around her legs to keep herself warm, and Crystal must have thought she look cosy, because she jumped up and snuggled next to her.
Teen Two had an INSET day today. I had arranged with the local college for him to have a trial day there.
It was suggested at the open day earlier in the year and Teen Two was eager to try it out.
He had an enjoyable time in the Creative Media lesson and was able to meet up briefly with Teen One at break time.
He walked home alone, which is the first time he has been that far by himself.
It was a major triumph and has built up his confidence no end.
After lunch we had a sort out of his many soft toys.
He has managed to part with a charity bag full, quite an achievement....but I won't tell you how many he has decided to keep!
On Wednesday we are having a new fridge delivered.
Our old fridge freezer really hasn't been man enough for some time, but we have struggled along with it.
Hubby had a bonus in the summer and we thought we would use some of it to replace this old "friend."
It's hard to believe that this little freezer was all I had for many years.
Our neighbours gave us their old upright freezer a couple of years ago, so I really don't need this little section, and it invariably ended up being filled with odds and ends.
It needs a good defrost and clean before the men come to take it away....
...and goodness knows what's in some of these tubs and bags!
I doubt any of it is worth keeping now but no doubt at the time it seemed like a good idea to save it!
It will be such a treat on shopping days to open the fridge and not have to find space to put things in....or am I kidding myself!

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