Sunday, 4 October 2015

Defeated Again By A Teeny Card!

My posting today has once again been thwarted by a teeny card!
Yesterday  I forgot to remove it from the laptop and replace in the camera, so all the piccies I "took" actually weren't being taken at all!
Today, I appear to have selected the wrong option when trying to upload them and can't "go back" and use my usual method.
When Hubby comes back from the evening service and church I am hoping he can put it all right for me!
Today, being Sunday, was of course church in the morning, a time when we go to remember the Lord.
Our house guest is a Christian too and it was lovely to hear his contributions in prayer and a reading from the Bible.
He read from Psalm 137....I always find myself singing the Boney M song when that portion of Scripture is read...oops!
Now it would appear I am the first person in the world of google to have had this mishap today, as I couldn't find a picture to use!
I dished up a dinner of roast beef and all the trimmings for my neighbour, as usual, but as I went to put it on his all slipped right off the plate and onto the floor, and my flip flop clad feet!
Ouch!! It was boiling hot and so painful! Aside from the pain, I felt dreadful that he had been looking forward to a hot meal and it was now all over his living room carpet!
"Just pick it up" he said "It will be fine."
I didn't really have any other option, but I felt truly embarrassed and mad with myself!
How it happened I have no idea... I wish I did then I could avoid doing it again!
Thankfully the rest of dinner went off ok, and very soon after, my neighbour came in to see if our visitor ( an ex Naval man) would like to see the medal he received the other week.
Teen Two hadn't seen it and was very impressed indeed, and Grandma also got to see it.
As is usual we gave Grandma a game of Scrabble...however when we were admiring the medal, one of the cats took a fancy to the board and sat in the middle, completely wrecking all the words we had built up!
The last few weeks really have been beautiful weather wise.
As we have driven around the countryside we have seen some beautiful leaves on the trees.
Our house guest is a weather man, and has warned me things are going to change this coming week.
Such a shame, but on the other hand, its always comforting putting the fire on and closing the curtains in the evening.

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