Thursday, 8 October 2015

Deep Heat!

Today is our house guest's last day with us.
He promised to make us a meal and as delighted as I was to have the night off.... I was having concerns over the portions, this was way more than I would use...
...and even more concerns about  the temperature!!!
When making a chilli, I use ONE chilli....he had bought three AND FIVE scotch bonnets!!!
These are seriously hot chillies and I had grave reservations about using so many!!
My reservations were not unfounded! We all needed to use gazilleons of yogurt to try and put the fire out in our mouths....copious amounts of milk as well!
All of us that is, except our house guest....instead he just went bright red and sweated profusely from his bald head whilst saying "Mmm, this is delicious isn't it!!"
 We have at least half of it my portion gauge was more accurate than his that's for sure.
Quite what we will do with it I don't yet know...but it will involved plenty of yogurt!
Teen One spent the afternoon creating a gift for our friend.
He had seen a Bible verse she had painted for me in the summer and asked if she would do him one.
This was the verse he chose.


  1. Far too hot for me but a lovely verse!

  2. Bunch of wimps! Verse is lovely though and would be perfect for Chris (Christmas is coming - just a hint!) xx