Monday, 5 October 2015

Cuppa's and Good Company

If we rewind a couple of days you will remember I was making a white chocolate torte for it is with some fresh berries piled on top.
Here is the cushion cover in its new debating adding a border, initially I liked it plain, but am not sure now.


Rewind to yesterday and here we have Milly deciding to join in our game of Scrabble!

Having a house guest with us for a few days, means desserts every day!
Today was a quick and easy Bramble Flapjack.
I use my * basic flapjack* recipe, pile half into a dish, add whatever fruit you have in store, today was blackberries from the freezer...

... put the remaining flapjack mixture on top and bake in the normal way.
Delicious with ice cream, cream or custard...and even for breakfast!
I was delighted to see in Morrisons today they had pumpkins for 50p
This one will adorn our fireplace for a few weeks, and we will gradually add to our display as and when we discover them on our walks.
The pumpkin will then be made into a delicious soup.
Today has been one full of chat, plenty of cuppas and good company.
*Basic Flapjack Recipe
125g (4oz) marg
125g (4oz) soft brown sugar
75g (3oz) golden syrup
250g(8oz) rolled oats
dash of lemon juice
Melt the marg, sugar and syrup in a pan.
Add the lemon juice and oats
Stir well
Bake  180 f Gas 4
 25-30 mins