Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Christmas Comes Early!

A friend from up north was visiting today...and she came bearing gifts!
With postage being so expensive these days, its good to plan ahead and make the most of these rare opportunities when we catch up.
With the just a few of last years blackberry harvest left in the freezer, I made a quick blackberry and sunflower * flapjack. I served it warm with some Greek yogurt as a late breakfast treat. She enjoyed it so much she had two portions :)
For lunch I made butternut and lentil soup....unfortunately she wasn't able to stop long enough for lunch this time...but Teen One and I enjoyed it.
I used a cup of lentils ( which I soaked overnight, but they don't actually need to be soaked) a onion, which was sweated down in some butter, the butternut squash, chopped into small cubes and three quarters of a pan of water.
It only took about 40 minutes to cook and was then put through the blender.
For seasoning I used this All Purpose Polish Seasoning from Lidl's.
Its around £1.50 for a huge tub which lasts forever it seems! They are back in stock at the moment, so I bought a new one,  but this one, over a year old isn't half way used yet!
The soup was very scrummy indeed ( if I am allowed to say so!) and with some fresh crusty bread made a very tasty lunch.
The trouble with home made soup is, it makes any other sort of soup taste very synthetic.
A friend and I had soup out a while back...it was clearly made from a packet with some hot water added...had we known we wouldn't have bothered.
You can't beat fresh ingredients...and remembering our disappointment at the pumpkin soup the other weeked....some tasty seasoning too!
During lunch time a Toys R Us flyer came through the door.
It had these dolls advertised at half price £2.49
I bought quite a few last year for some of the Friday club girls, and they went down a treat.
Most things with the Disney logo are popular and generally good quality too, so when I saw they were back on special offer, Teen One and I whizzed on down to stock up.
We bought half a dozen,  and so my Christmas shopping has officially started!
The challenge is now on to see if I can buy the bulk of the Friday club prizes before October is out!
Christmas has come early!
*Basic Flapjack Recipe
125g (4oz) marg
125g (4oz) soft brown sugar
75g (3oz) golden syrup
250g(8oz) rolled oats
dash of lemon juice
Melt the marg, sugar and syrup in a pan.
Add the lemon juice and oats
Stir well
Bake  180 f Gas 4
 25-30 mins
Today I added handful of sunflower seeds and around a cup of frozen blackberries.

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