Thursday, 1 October 2015

Autumn...A Time To Give Thanks

Today started with a bit of a panic...I couldn't find my set of church keys!
Losing keys always worries me, and losing someone else's keys is even worse!
It always triggers a mini inner panic, which started many years ago, when as a youngster I was entrusted with the church key when staying with family in Maidstone.
One minute the key was in my pocket, the next minute it was nowhere to be seen.
Quite how it disappeared off the face of the earth, in a small back lane, I don't know, but I got into heaps of trouble and that "tummy tied in a knot" sensation comes back whenever I lose keys these days!
I searched everywhere I could think of today, and in the end had to borrow hubby's set...which really filled me with dread...what if I lost those as well!!
Thankfully, whilst at Mother and Toddlers, thinking of where I might have put them on Sunday, it came to the pocket of the cool bag I had used to transport some of the food!
Phew, PTL for that crisis being over!

After doing next door's cleaning, I had a sit down with my knitting needles for half an hour.
I think I might regret picking a tea cosy to reboot my knitting life with. I had forgotten how fiddly it is carrying the yarn across at the back..and how tangled the yarn gets! Mind you, I am not making life easy for myself, choosing three colours instead of the stated two!
Teen One spent most of last night doing revision for a Maths test today and again this afternoon she has been at the dining room table doing more work.
It might seem like students have it easy...but the reality is very different!
A very big and heavy delivery came today....a table tennis table for the Friday Club kids.
Hubby has been struggling with a very old handmade one, with an innumerable amount of tressles to hold it up. Getting it set up takes two people and its very time consuming.
So he thought it would be worth investing in a proper foldaway one.
He bought a roof rack in the week, especially so he can transport it to church, but when he feels the weight of it he may think twice about putting it on the roof!
I really hope it's easy to put up and down each week!
Teen One's walk to college takes her round a pond and field.
When I came in from next door, I was delighted to see she had collected some conkers on her walk today!
I love them when they are shiny and new, like highly polished pieces of wood.
It has become a tradition in our house to decorate the fireplace, and one or two other areas, with seasonal decorations.
I started this when we came home from New England in 1996, where The Fall is of course the most beautiful place on earth to be.
We collect anything we can see to celebrate this lovely season, fir cones, beautiful coloured leaves, conkers, acorns,  and of course, I will be buying pumpkins.
Each year there is a Pumpkin festival nearby, where all things pumpkiny are sold.
Most of it is edible of course, and we particularly love the pumpkin soup.
There are also crafts and the like as well as local Scouts and Brownies running traditional stall games.
Its one of the highlights of our year and of course is the precursor to the "Big Event" in December!
I saw this in Lidls the other week for around £2 and can't wait to find somewhere to put it.
Of all the seasons in the year, Autumn is my favourite.
It's the time when we get crisp mornings, can light the fire and yet not be in the depths of winter, and years gone by it was a time to thank God for the harvest.
This is only given a nod to nowadays, and I am not sure any of my children's schools even had such a thing as a Harvest Festival, but we can all in our own way show our appreciation for the bountiful blessings we receive here in this part of the world.

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  1. That's a lovely photo - I have seen some done in felt as a family tree - mmmm