Saturday, 10 October 2015

All Things Pumpkiny

Today is one of the highlights of our year, visiting a Pumpkin Festival.
It's a great family day out with so much to see.
It is particularly  great for kids, with so many activities to do, many of which are free.
The Teens are too old for many of the activities, but there are still things there they enjoy.
Everything has a pumpkin theme and I really enjoy seeing all those orange beauties.
Various charities, allotments, groups etc run stalls  and we always take home plenty of goodies.

There is a competition to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin, quite how they pick some of them up is beyond me!
They really are a sight to behold!

We stick to a more sensible size!
I particularly like the unusual squash at the looks like one squash growing out of another

There are plenty of things to eat there, with the Scouts, Brownies and the like selling home made wares

Pumpkin soup is something we look forward too...but sadly this year it was tasteless, I am sure they had forgotten to add any seasoning. I did have a word with the stall holder but they insisted it was to the usual recipe.
We have learned our lesson and next time, instead of ordering 4 will order one and taste it. £12 was a lot of money to spend on something that had no taste.
It was a disappointment...but the only one of the day.

This pumpkin curry smelt very good indeed

and the pumpkin pie tasted very good indeed!

There are traditional games to play....this was  a twist on the fair ground coconut shy

and this "splat the rat" game is always good for a laugh...we have yet to see anyone actually catch the rat!

Something Teen Two really looks forward to is the Circus skills workshop tent.

This game was new to me

Hubby always likes to show off his diablo skills!

There is round the clock entertainment....

...and our hearts really went out to this couple of teens who were part of an Irish dancing team.
Bad traffic had meant the rest of their group hadn't arrived, so these two brave souls danced for us alone, ending with a great rendition of RiverDance, which brought tears to my eyes.

There are stalls aplenty, with  some great crafters there.
This knitted gifts stall caught my eye

all her work had such a lovely neat tension, I was quite envious!

This stall had some lovely sewing work...I am 99% sure this fabric is the same as a cushion I bought in Amish Country USA a few years ago!

Everything was so pretty I found it hard to resist buying everything

These fabric pumpkins were amazing

All the items on this stall were made from can ring pulls!

Teen Two is a huge marmite fan, so treated himself to this knitted jar

I fell in love with this little 30p I figured I couldn't knit him for that

and as I am 99% sure this fabric IS the same as my cushion, I splashed out on this little kitty for £1

One of the things Teen One loves, is tasting the various jams, chutneys, marinades etc that are found at such events.
Today she fell in love with this blueberry and basil vinegar, which is said to go well with feta cheese and of her favourite salads.

But the highlight of the day has got to be for Teen Two.
We saw a Brownie stall selling a box of Lego Bionicles...bagged up for £1 -£1.50.
Teen Two just loves this series, but they are not often stocked in shops, or found second hand.
The ladies running the stall had bagged up the pieces rather haphazardly, Teen Two immediately spotted  where the "missing" pieces from some of the bags were and they were delighted when he offered to sort it all out for them.
He of course was keen to buy one or two...but as they were so cheap I said he could have as many as he should have seen his face! It was like winning the lottery for him!
He came away with a carrier bag full to the brim, for a mere £15! One new kit alone would cost around that and he had a whole bag full...with "extras!"
As we exited the festival and returned to our car, I spotted an iPhone on a bench.
There was no one else around, so it had obviously been left by mistake.
Between hubby and Teen One they managed to get to the contacts list ( thankfully the phone wasn't locked) and after a few attempts we managed to leave a message on the last number called,saying the phone had been found and we would leave it with the entrance staff.
As we were walking there the phone rang, a friend of the owner was very grateful to hear from us and arranged to meet us at the entrance.
A few minutes later we were able to hand over the phone.
We don't know if the owner was aware she had lost it, but her friend expressed her gratitude and was going to call the husband so when she got home she would know it had been found.
Having "lost" my phone several times ( thankfully to turn up at home!) I know the sheer panic it sends me into and was delighted to be able to help someone's day end on one of relief rather than distress.

The festival has grown in popularity over the years, we have always gone early...and for the last couple of years have been grateful we have, for when we leave the queue to get in stretches back miles...

...and miles!
Grandma has gone away for the weekend and as we dropped her off at the station she mentioned her grass was in need of a cut.
So on our way back from the festival, we stopped off and Teen Two cut it for her as a surprise.
It's been a great day and as tonight has turned a little chilly we have lit the woodburner for the first time this autumn...time to settle down beside it with some knitting I think.

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  1. It looks like a really good day out - but I just don't get pumpkin I'm afraid!