Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Run Around Day

It's a shame today was such a rainy day, because I had lots of running around to do, in various parts of town, with no easy parking access.
My first trip was to the shops to try and find some work trousers for hubby. I was delighted to see these down from £59 to £8.99! In fact one pair was £64 originally. I bought three pairs...its a bit of a gamble as they are non refundable...the assistant suggested selling them on ebay if they didn't fit ...not a bad idea!
Next I had to go to the Civic offices to drop off all the paperwork for Teen Two's EHC plan.
It has taken some time to get all the forms filled in and necessary evidence, so I am glad it's now out of the way...just have to see how the Annual Review goes in a few weeks!
The next job was to go to the Post Office with Teen Two's passport renewal application.
As usual there was rather a queue and I was wishing I had done this job before popping into Wilkinson's to buy hay and sawdust for the was starting to weigh heavily and I was by this time dripping wet from all the walking around!
With a few more errands out of the way, I was relieved to be home, albeit very soggy and in dire need of a cuppa!
The afternoon has been spent having a bit of a clear out of my wardrobe, where I tend to hide things away.....I managed to get rid of half a charity bag of some Christmas stocking fillers I forgotten  I had bought and generally tidy it up a bit so I can see what I have got in there.
I discovered Hobbycrafts Blog yesterday and was rather taken with these sweet little felt houses...I can almost feel my crafting mojo coming back!

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