Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Little Joy Returns To The Household

Last night ended with a very sombre ceremony out in the garden.
We held a simple funeral for Shadow and thanked God for the joy His creatures bring to our lives.
I had hoped that today would be a fresh start, with the promise of a trip to the pet shop after school, Teen One went off fairly happy.
I received a phone call an hour later to say he had been spotted in the corridor weeping as he went to his second lesson....would I come and collect him please.
Once Teen One was home from college we went to the Pet shop and chose some new gerbils.
Sunny ( who is identical to a previous gerbil)
..and Sandy
They are siblings and seem so teeny tiny.
We have enjoyed their antics this afternoon, exploring their new habitat.
They have thoroughly exhausted themselves and are sleeping in a little heap in the corner of their gerbilarium.
A little joy has returned to the household, but hearts are still a little heavy remembering the loss of yesterday.


  1. Really pleased for you all - although your new look very lively!!!