Friday, 30 October 2015

Tot's Tv And Tapas!

This morning was spent having a bit of a catch up, sorting piles of paperwork, ironing and stocking the food cupboards etc.
Hubby officially leaves work at lunchtime on Friday's, but typically, he works over that time and today was no exception, but we still had a good few hours to enjoy together.
With both the Teens home for half term, and no Friday club, we wanted to make the most of the free time, so opted to visit a museum which has a Children's TV exhibition.
The building itself is very impressive.
The Tweenies were a daily part of The Teen's life when they were little, so it was very exciting to "meet" the real Fizz!
Pingu was one of Teen Two's favourites and this is an original model
Bob The Builder was also a hot favourite and these also are original models
Kermit is still popular in household so it was a thrill to see him here
Teen One used to love the "Why Bird"...
...and of course Peggy Patch!
Hubby and I had our own childhood memories rekindled...who can forget Humpty...
...and Little Ted!
Watching Pinky and Perky took me right back to being about four years old!
This one is for Uncle Phil!
Next on the agenda was a game of air usual Teen Two won!
Our bank recently offered us the choice of three "Lifestyle Benefits"
a subscription to certain magazines...non of which appealed to us
Six cinema tickets for the year...only enough for one family visit and we already get pretty good deals with the Odeon card...
so we plumped for the Gourmet Society card.
It offers up to 50% off various restaurants, but as one may expect, its not all its cracked up to be.
Many restaurants don't allow it to be used at weekends or special days and the much prized 50% off seems to be few and far between.
However, the card was free so who can look a gift horse in the mouth.
Back in the summer some family were down and sung the praises of a local Tapas Restaurant.
Teen One was eager to give it a go, but up until the Gourmet card arriving, I hadn't given it a thought.
It's not something we have ever tried before...but hot on the heels of our Sushi experience this week, and noticing the restaurant had appeared on my "Local Offers" money back deal with my bank card, I thought it would be fun to give it a go.
The menu recommended choosing at least three dishes each...but we decided to choose one less.
It was all delicious, and such a unique experience.
In all honesty we could have had nine or ten and had plenty.


With the Spanish music playing in the background, the candlelit tables, and of course the excellent company, the ambience of the place was rather lovely.
We had 25% off our bill ( including the drinks) and will get a further15% cash back in our account, so it was a very affordable experience.
To top off a lovely evening, we had a pleasant walk in the almost balmy temperature ,enjoying the lights and scenery.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Free Lego...What A Treat!

Bright and early this morning ( expect it wasn't so bright!) Teen Two and I headed off to the local indoor play area.
Arriving as it opened meant we had the entire place to ourselves.
This death drop slide always makes me shiver, but the kids don't seem to have much trouble braving it!
We met a friend and her two sons there, and then another friend dropped off her foster child, whilst she went to  a funeral.
It was good to catch up with my friend, the only downside to this place is the coffee they serve is dire! So I don't bother! Such a shame, there are few things as pleasant as a lovely cuppa and good company.
I promised the kids a McDonalds for lunch, but it was a little early, so we called in to the nearby Toys R Us.
What a surprise to discover Bricktober had hit our local store!
The kids were able to make their own kayak, and all for free!
Teen Two was in his element!
I am not sure if it was Little Missy's thing, but she tagged along and happily made her own kayak too.
To make it an even more enjoyable experience, they had the table to themselves!
I can imagine how frustrating it would be if the place was heaving with eager hands trying to get to all those little pieces and trying to follow the guide.
They were both pleased with their little freebie.
After a drive thru lunch and the usual cleaning next door,  a sausage and lentil casserole popped in the oven ready for dinner, I am enjoying a little sit down, whilst Teen One plays with Little Missy on the floor.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

"Go Ye Into All The World...."

I am sad to say,  I forgot to pick up my camera today!
You would think I would remember by now wouldn't you!
Today started by helping my Recycled Teenager next door change his bedding.
He is very routined and has a very specific way of making the bed...who knew there was more than one way!
After a year of helping him with it, I think I have mastered the art!
It was then time to take Teen Two to school for his last revision session of the holiday.
Teen One and I popped into town to return one or two items and have a general mooch around.
With time to spare, we indulged in a Costa.
As we were walking through town, we could hear a street preacher.
I must say, its not something you hear a lot of these days, and I admire the courage of the young man, who stood with an open bible and told all the passers by of their need of a Saviour.
I have no idea where he comes from, but as we walked past, he said to the small crowd "have you accepted the Lord Jesus as your Saviour?"
I turned around and put my thumbs up and gave him a big smile.
He seemed to appreciate the gesture and it didn't put him off his preaching thankfully.
He certainly is fulfilling the Lord's command to "go into all the world and preach the gospel."
Before we knew it, it was time to collect Teen Two from well as picking up my Monday Recycled Teenager en route.
We had asked Grandma if she fancied a trip out, but she is a bit under the weather, so we asked our dear friend instead.
We had planned to have lunch there....those meatballs and gravy are so yummy!
The queue however was very long and our tummies were in much need of the food by the time I finally arrived with the trolley laden with our lunch.
Its the first time our friend has been there and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even if it was very busy and a lot of walking...she will sleep well tonight!
Teen One bumped into her old maths teacher, who was delighted to see her and catch up on the 18mths since they last saw each other.
Its good to finally be back home... I feel quite shattered!
Teen One has made us all a lovely cuppa and Teen Two has made the bolognaise for dinner and put it in the oven.
So now, its time to sit back and chill a bit!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lunch Japanese Style!

Today started with a trip to the dentist for Teen Two.
He needed a filling replacing.
I had thought, well it does at least mean he gets out of going to revision in the holiday...but seeing the dread and pain he then went through, I think school was probably the preferable place to be!
Thankfully he has a lovely dentist who does all she can to ensure her patients are pain free and confident with her. A second lot of anaesthetic did the job and the pain was no more.
After the dentist, it was something we had been looking forward to...visiting one of our favourite shopping centres...
...I never tire of admiring these tactile bronze animal sculptures they have around the place..
...but today it was even better as they had real animals there!
 Our favourite farm had their mobile team out for the day.
It meant Teen Two could indulge in his passion for small animals...and all for free!
The kids were so sweet, snuggled down in the straw.
These sleeping piglets didn't seem to mind the attention being paid to them.
The stars of the day of course were the teeny chicks...Teen Two could spend all day cuddling these.
Teen One was enjoying it too..until hers pooped on her! She gave it back pretty quickly after that!
For some time, Teen One has been eager to try out a Sushi restaurant.
We  have bought sushi from the supermarket, but never braved it in an actual restaurant.
Today all that changed!
We even got to sit in front of the chefs preparing their works of art!
It was quite something to see the food going round and round before our eyes.
I decided the best thing was to start with the cheapest was £2.
I don't know what this first dish was...but we all enjoyed it!
Teen One chose this salad, which was very refreshing
Teen Two really loved these Inari Pockets.
He thoroughly enjoyed this custard filled sponge, with a raspberry couli.
Teen One opted for fruit
It was a unique experience for us and one that Teen Two especially enjoyed...which really surprised me!
He was so taken with the place he wants to go there for his birthday.
I am not sure his dad is going to share the same enthusiasm for the place!
We had about 8 little dishes between us and the bill came to £17.
It's not a "value for money" place as far as being full up is concerned, but when you consider everything is fresh, freshly made and hand made, that's where the cost is.
I did come away feeling healthy I have to say ( is that because I was still a little peckish?) and thought our calorie intake must have been pretty low, so that's got to be a plus hasn't it!


Monday, 26 October 2015

Half Term Treats

Although today marked day one of the autumn half term, for Teen Two it was back to school as usual.
He has revision classes for most mornings, thankfully he didn't quibble about going in.
To make everyone's morning a bit happier, we stopped off at Tesco and bought a few packs of doughnuts.
That was treat number one!
Treat number two was a visit to a gelato in town.
The Teens had wanted to go in the summer, but somehow we just didn't manage to get there.
The choice is mesmerising!
We have been  in need of an ice cream parlour in this part of the world for years..and now we have four!
Two of which are right opposite each other!
How they both manage to stay in business was a mystery to me...up until today....
Whilst the Teens and I enjoyed our modest two scoops ( well one for me actually) in a tub,
others around us were tucking into waffles of gigantic proportions, single sundaes large enough for a family, all washed down with bottles of coke or Fanta.....expect....most of the food and drink was left on the table!
Some folk clearly have eyes bigger than their tummies and more money than they know what to do with!
I saw at least one tub completely untouched!
To say I was shocked is an understatement!
I really really do not like waste and this was on a huge scale!
So very thankful for my Teens who were happy with the little ( although surprisingly filling!) tubs of delight...and needless to say, not a drop was left!
Our flavours were:
Jaffa Cake
White Chocolate
Cinnamon  Crunch
Strawberry Oreo
Peanut Butter

Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Needles Are On Fire!

Starting with last night...I made this little beanie hat in just over an hour!
I based it on the this free online pattern using garter stitch in place of rib and adding the same stripe pattern I used for the baby jacket.
I used 4mm needles and double knitting yarn, it looks the perfect size for 3-6mths.
It's now being blocked with the back of the jacket.
My day started with making some Elijah Bread for today's family service lunch....
...and I made an extra batch for our breakfast, using my current favourite flavour combo of blackberries and sunflower seeds.....fresh from the oven it was scrummy!
The next few hours were hectic, with getting food ready for lunch, cooking it at church and then the big clean up!
This afternoon was therefore very leisurely!
We spent the afternoon by the fire, the Teens doing their own thing, hubby preparing for preaching tonight, and me...I started a new pullover for the new baby in the family....spurred on by the relative speed with which I did the last two items!
I only cast this on today and the back is almost finished, my needles are on fire!
For tea we had cheesy tortilla's.
They are really quick and easy and very tasty.
I tried out this new flavour from Morrisons....Mediterranean Style.
They were a perfect combination with the cheese.
Step One:
Place the tortilla in a dry pan and add cheese to one side
Step Two
Fold the tortilla up and turn over when lightly browned
Two tortillas can be done at the same time.
They are delicious hot or cold.