Tuesday, 21 July 2015


The day started early, with the drop off of Little Missy. Her and Teen One played Mario on the Wii whilst I did all the "first thing in the morning"chores.  Despite it being warm and humid this morning, she seemed to take a fancy to the Rainbow Blanket!
Little Missy loves animals, so one of the first things she wants to do is play with the gerbil. She was of course with us the day we had poor Cookie put to sleep, so no doubt she feels even closer to the remaining gerbil, Shadow.
For a while now I have wanted to experiment with the Elijah Bread . Today I decided to make a batch using blueberries, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
It smelt delicious! Little Missy said it was the best thing she had tasted! I guess kids can be prone to exaggeration! Teen One enjoyed it though and so did I. Definitely worth repeating.
Whilst Teen One and Little Missy played with the dolls house, I set to and made some rolls up for a picnic lunch.
Little Missy was eager to do a spot of crabbing, so as we were already going to drop Teen One off at the beach with some friends, it was ideal to pack up the picnic and take the crabbing gear.
Whilst Little Missy enjoyed herself at the waters edge, I sat and crocheted a couple of squares.
The crabs weren't biting today, so we moved spots to see if we could do better elsewhere.
But despite being very patient, it seemed the crabs were just not interested today...
...just a few little tiddlers.
I thought these seagulls looked rather smug...on top of the swan heads...bet they wouldn't dare in real life! On the topic of "seagulls," Little Missy informs me that her teacher told her there is no such thing as a seagull...only gulls of various sorts. Having done a spot of googling...seems her teacher was right! Am sure she would be thrilled  to know a little nugget of information she told a 10year old has been remembered!
When we returned home, I asked Little Missy if she would like to make some Elijah Bread to take home.
She chose blackberries and pumpkin seeds to go inside.
I will have to confess to my friend, that I forgot to add baking powder to the plain flour ( I had run out of SR this morning) so added it once everything else was mixed it...don't think it rose as much as it could have....whoops!
Talking of "whoops!" Hubby didn't really get anywhere last night with the vacuum cleaner but suggested I wash the filters. Having washed them fairly recently I wasn't really convinced this would sort the problem but decided to give it a go.
I had mentioned to him that I wasn't altogether sure I hadn't accidently sucked up a pen at my Recycled Teenager's yesterday when doing her cleaning.....looks like I was right! When I took off the filter look what I saw....whoops!


  1. whoops - I know the feeling. I found a swizzle stick in mine - go figure??

  2. Love the look of the ElijaH cake, must try it sometime.
    I often think if vacuum cleaners could speak what a story they could tell.
    Hope it's OK now. Shame about the crabs, maybe next time. Xxxx

  3. We will definitely be trying the Elijah bread!