Thursday, 9 July 2015

Round and Round the Garden!

When I took a little walk into the garden this morning, I was sad to see a cat (not one of ours, they are in all night) had broken one of my dahlia plants. The poor flowers was lying flat on the ground. However, I thought, well at least we can appreciate it indoors.
At our Mother and Toddler group this morning, one of the mums, whose son is starting preschool in Sept, came in with a bunch of flowers for us all! How thoughtful! kitchen shelf has yesterday's lovely flowers from my neighbours son and now a vase of flowers! Add that to the broken dahlias and those from my friend at the weekend, we now have a house full of lovely flowers!
It was my turn for the activity with the tots today. I made up a "Round and Round the garden" craft. We sing the song each week, so I thought it would be fun to re-create it! All you need is a paper plate, split pin, green paper for grass (snipped on the edges to give the effect of grass), teddy shape and glue.
Let the tots draw flowers on the grass. Glue to the plate, attach teddy with split pin. Add any facial features ( I used googly eyes and let them draw a mouth and nose) then sing the song with them as they make teddy go round and round...don't forget to "tickly under there" at the end...they all laughed at that!
Teen One applied for a  playworker position with disabled children last week. Today she had a call to say was she coming for her an hour!! We were shopping at the time, so just had time to rush home, have some lunch, check why she hadn't seen the email  (curse that junk folder!) and then get changed.
This was her first proper interview...and within a few hours she was offered the job. We are thrilled for her. It will be valuable experience for her and will add to her Personal Statement for her up and coming Uni applications.
Teen One has started to get preparations ready for our up and coming Summer Quiz night and Indoor BBQ for the Friday club kids. She has filled these plastic ice cream cones with summer themed sweets. The task was made more complicated by us not realising the ice cream cone shaped ice lolly moulds were actually all attached (doh....of course they would be!) So we had to cut them all up first, sand down any rough edges...took the best part of an afternoon! However the job is now done and our treats are starting to come together :)
Can you see the spot where she sat!


  1. Inspirational for round and round the garden!! Love it. Teen one must have made a very good impression - especially as she had little so little time to prepare for it, well done.x
    I am begining to think how you would the Friday club without teen one!! She is obviously a big help.

  2. My mother always used to say that she knew where I'd been sitting by the mess around me - guess the same as teen one!

  3. LOL...yes the weeks she is away on Friday are hard work!!!