Sunday, 26 July 2015

There's so much more to Bristol

As part of the Shaun the Sheep Trail, we stumbled across a "Pop up Shop" encouraging sustainable living. Whilst the concept was probably lost on our Teens, they did at least enjoy the interactive games...and it gave us a chance to put our feet up!
Teen One added a drawing of Shaun to the wall of pictures.
The trail led us through parts of Bristol we had not seen before. There are so many little areas with markets, indoors and out, we thoroughly enjoyed discovering new places on every turn.
An indoor market was offering samples of the like we had never seen before!
It happened to be this shops birthday and we were delighted to share in their lovely carrot cake!
There were amazing home made cake stalls...
...delicious looking breads too.
We stumbled across John Wesley's Chapel, which was of great interest to us.
It was free entry too, despite costing £150 a day to keep open.
There was plenty to see, even a second hand book stall where we bought a couple of books for 10p each.
Out in the shopping precinct we were amazed at this stunning piece of sand sculpture!
Teen One came home from a school trip to Iceland a few years ago singing the praises of their Skyr. We were surprised to be given a sample pot in the precinct, with a little wooden lodge to eat it in and granola, dried fruit to add to it. On a warm day with weary feet it was another welcome opportunity to sit for a while!
The last visit of the day, was to what is quickly becoming one of our favourite Science Museums
@Bristol. The steel shots ( or iron filings as I thought they were) with the massive magnets are Teen Two's favourite I think...
the giant bubble hoops are also a  big favourite
We parked our car in the Millenium Square car park, which has plenty to see, and we were very intrigued by the current sculpture...
I didn't manage to capture it, but water shoots out of the blow hole every couple of minutes...great fun!
Such a clever design, the waves are created by reusing plastic water bottles used in the recent half marathon.
Thank you Bristol for another lovely day.

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  1. Looks like a lovely day - and much better weather than here. So - did you succumb and buy a Shaun the sheep?