Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Pain of Answered Prayer

At the end of yesterday's blog I prayed that dear old Brown Owl would go to sleep and not wake up....and that prayer was answered. Not all answers to prayer bring happiness....and conversely there are many times I am sure we can all recall, when we were later in our life, happy a prayer went unanswered...for we are not always wise in what we pray for! Of course there is no such thing as unanswered prayer....we just find it hard to accept the answer as being "no!"
I had intended paying an early visit to Brown Owl, and was looking out a hymn book to take, so at the very least I could get the words right! As it turned out I was a bit delayed, so was just thinking of heading out about 9.30am when I had a call to say her carers had found her passed away. It has to be said it is a welcome release for a lady trapped in a body that no longer worked, for so long. At 93, with a good life behind her, to pass away in the house she was born in, peacefully, is something to be celebrated...but for now I will just mourn her passing and look back fondly on a dear old lady who came from a different world to the one I now live in.
I am thankful I was given the opportunity to say my goodbyes yesterday. Today is my usual day, so had I not had a discreet call from a carer I would not have had that opportunity and would have arrived to the Paramedics instead.
As I was pegging out the washing shortly afterwards, a dear little blackbird across the way sang me a lovely heart lifting song...."life goes on" he seemed to say.


Life does indeed go on, and food is always such a great comfort isn't it! Teen One and I had to go into town, and as we all know, we HAVE to keep up our fluids in this extreme heat! As we passed by Starbucks they were advertising their new Lemon Vanilla Frappachino. had to be tried! Along with a spelt and fruit muffin, it was a welcome break and early lunch. The frappachino was delicious and so refreshing. It lasted ages too. I feel I ought to say it is very rare we visit a coffee shop, so two days in a row is almost unique!

On our walk back to the car park....look what we spied! Even the local graffiti artists are being inspired to send me feathers it seems! Another reminder of the loving and caring Father we have.
Teen One and I called in to see our old family friend in the dementia home. Sadly she too seems to be deteriorating. She is now bed bound I assume, her bed is also in a different position, so she can be see from the corridor by passing staff. She gave us a big smile...but that was it, no communication, and clearly just wanting to sleep. So a kiss and a hug is all we could share with her today.
The Home has been decorated out with old war time posters....I find them fascinating.
I popped out to post a letter at the top of our road this afternoon, we are fortunate enough to have a lovely pond with plenty of wildlife there. These seagulls perched on the poles always remind me of pegs on a washing line!
The heat was quite intense on the short walk back, so I decided I would abandon any thoughts of finding a job in the house to do, and catch up on a crochet project/challenge I have been working on.
All the body parts are made, its just a case of sewing it all together, and then adding the defining features.....
...and finally the hair cut! I am tempted to take it to a Pet Parlour for a professional trim! I don't know that my hairdressing skills are up to making it look like this....
This pattern was designed by a lady called Christine Lucas and is available for purchase on Ravelry
I must congratulate Christine on her excellent instructions and photo step by step guide. I am not a natural when it comes to following crochet patterns...but this one is starting to look vaguely like it ought to!
The heat became too much for the cats this afternoon. Normally they can be found in wherever is the warmest spot in the house, a window sill, a patch of  floor, the corner of a bed....but today it was where is the coolest! Milly thought the this was the coolest
and Crystal found a shadow in the garden with a gentle breeze flowing through.


  1. It's the gentle breeze that's keeping us all going isn't it - thank goodness for the sea breeze - I would hate to be in London right now!

    Sad news - but, as you say, she's gone home now xx

  2. It's always surprising to me how you can be so sad and yet so happy at the same time. What you experienced today is one of those occasions. You have to remember the pleasure and joy you gave that lady in the last months of her life. She is a peace no, and it was good for you to have met up with her again. Well done and keep with all the wonderful work you do. Try and keep cool for the next few days!!! My present husband and I went to visit his elder sibling today. She has done so well after being so I'll. Going to be discharged on Friday and continue her rehabilitation at home. Great news xxxxxx

  3. Great! Its been a long road for her hasn't it.