Friday, 31 July 2015

The Fun of Fossil Hunting!

Today we made our way to the "Jurassic Coast" to try our hands at fossil hunting!
The skies were blue...perfect beach weather
and the beach was fairly quiet.

We took hammers and protective goggles with us and the Teens eagerly started hammering away!

Teen One, as you might guess, tapped very gently, whilst Teen Two bashed away!
Hubby of course gave very deliberate strokes and the stones broke open fairly easily for him
Being novice fossil hunters we didn't really know what stones to look for, but a friendly fellow fossil hunter gave us some tips and we soon collected quite a discard pile!
Clearly its a hobby that one needs patience for, but I guess we did quite well to find at least two fossils, although we don't yet know what they are. Some further gently exploration is needed at home.
The views from Charmouth Beach were lovely and both Teens found the whole experience quite addictive. Teen Two was convinced the carrier bag of  "crystals" he had saved from his hammering, were going to make his fortune! We have persuaded him they will make lovely garden decorations!
A little further down the coast is the beautiful remains of Corfe Castle.  The village is also charming, but we were too tired to do any exploring today, it is on our "to do" list for another time.

Especially for a certain family member we had a Happy Meal for lunch, so he can add three to his Minion count!


  1. Well done on your fossil hunting, didn't see you having a go!!!! What dedication to have ready meals! I know it's all in a good cause. Xxxxx

  2. I did have a little go, but there was a demand for using the two hammers! Also, someone has to document it all ;)

  3. Particularly well done on the minion hunt - very impressive!!!!