Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Final Farewell

With Teen One home from Wales, and the sad news broken to her, we were able to get on with a simple funeral service in the garden for the final farewell to Cookie. Teen Two, unbeknown to us, had chosen some "fitting music" as he said. In actual fact it really was very fitting indeed, and the sort that brings tears to your eyes! He said a few words, hubby said a simple prayer, and then Teen Two filled in the shallow grave. Grandma picked some flowers from the garden and laid them on top. We then added some stones and shells,  and garden toys from when the children were small.
Hopefully the Teens (Teen Two especially ) will be able to move on now and enjoy the time left with Cookies brother Shadow.....
Well the rest of the day was a usual Sunday really. Church and Sunday school in the morning.
Roast beef and Yorkshires for dinner. As usual I took my Recycled Teenager next door, a dinner in. I use this very handy "Casserole Carrier" made by the ever talented Young Retiree. Although the dinner is on a plate, with another plate covering it, the carrier is ideal as I always heat the plates before hand to keep the dinner piping hot for him.
Peeling the veg ready for dinner raised a bit of a chuckle today! I often buy the supermarket "basic/saver" range of carrots....all different shapes and sizes at a much cheaper rate. Today was a first though for carrots looking like this! The first one looked rather like a pair of legs I thought....
the next one to come out of the bag was even a pair of legs desperate for the loo!
Although Teen One was only away for a day, having her back today was like a little ray of sunshine...and she looked particularly lovely, I thought, in her new dress  which she bought with Christmas vouchers from New Look.
Today's cake for tea was Luscious Lemon Cake again...quick and simple and very tasty!
We are hoping that tomorrow's return to routine, will bring about some normality to this very unsettling and unusual weekend.


  1. Cake looks lovely, teen one's dress even lovelier!

  2. Been a sad week for you all really. Hopefully you will be able to move on this week. A kind friend made us a lemon drizzle cake, so now back from the prayer meeting we are about to indulge! Xx

  3. Glad to see the carrier in use - but clearly its been a difficult day for all xx