Thursday, 16 July 2015

The End of The Rainbow!

The last couple of evenings have been spent blocking the Rainbow Blanket ,inspired by Attic 24's Ripple Blanket. It was too large to be pinned and blocked in one session, so I used the spare bedroom to  complete the task. I have to say, I am really pleased with the effect a simple spray of water has on crochet/knitting. I can't believe I went so many years not bothering!
So, I have finally come to the end of the rainbow and it's ready for the chillier nights when Teen One wants to snuggle underneath it on the sofa. Rainbow's always remind us of Gods promise to Noah, and God always keeps His promises!
Today was our last Mother and Toddlers for the term, so we have a nice break throughout the summer. As usual, some of our mums came bearing gifts for us. We shared them out with the other workers and came home with these two boxes of deliciousness.
When Teen One and I got home, we had a tasty light lunch of Mediterranean  Wraps from Lidl, with baby spinach leaves, mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with basil infused olive oil ( from Tesco) they were scrummy!
Whilst I went next door to do my weekly clean, Teen One starting cutting away with a plan she had for tomorrows kids party....

When I returned she was starting to assemble these cute palm trees! She has around 40 straws to decorate...that's a lot of leaf cutting! What dedication that girl has!
As you know, with the Rainbow blanket at an end, I was wondering what to do next. I have always rather liked daisies, so  when looking through my left over yarn from recent projects, my mind was immediately taken to "Daisies on a Lawn" granny squares. I am not sure whether to make the squares with one or two rows of green. Will make a few and see how they look together. This is the first time I have made granny squares with a circular centre. Its a bit of a made up thing...
Chain 2
Work 8 trebles into the second chain from the hook.
Slip stitch last stitch to first stitch to complete the circle.
Chain 3, then work trebles as usual to make a square.
I couldn't help noticing poor Shadow yesterday, as I walked passed his cage. I had never seen him with his head resting out like that, he is usually in a little ball...and to be peering out as heart felt a little broken at the thought that his was a little too.
Gerbils are very social little creatures and do not like living alone....but introducing a new one at this stage of his life would not be kind or wise. We are making sure he gets plenty of love, treats and attention, but I guess there is nothing quite like a mate of your own kind.


  1. I love your rainbow blanket - wow!! Well done!

  2. The blanket looks really lovely, you must be very pleased with it. I have never heard of blocking, maybe I'll try it sometime.
    Poor little Shadow he must wonder what is going on. Such a shame you can't explain to him.
    You certainly have a little treasure in teen one (and teen two of course) I was thinking of all the 'craft' things she helps with.
    I keep meaning to look out for the oil, (I love basil flavour)