Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday Night is Chocolate Night!

 For Teen One and I, last night was spent putting these together ahead of Friday Club tonight.
I am excited to see what the children do with them...all will be revealed later!
After doing the weekly clean for my Recycled Teen next door, it was time to load the car up. Teen One is going to Wales for the weekend for a Young People's Bible Study. There will of course be some fun to be had inbetween the serious stuff. Tonight they have a BBQ, hopefully they wont get too wet overnight from the predicted heavy thunder storms, and will be up bright and early for  a bacon butty breakfast.
After a session of Bible study and lunch (they are well fed over their stay!) its a trek into the mountains.....hoping its not too hot for them!
We will miss her, but know she will be having a great time.
You will be pleased to learn, that on the 100 mile round trip to drop her off with a friend  who will drive the rest of the way, I only drank tap water! No smoothies for me today!
We had a bit of time to spare at the meet up service station, so Teen One and I had a wander round as it was cooler than waiting in the car. ( Take note, at this point I could have visited Costa for a drink!) We were amused to see these baby bananas....they were about as long as Teen Ones small...take a look at your own finger and then imagine it as a banana!! Dinky or what!! 
Once back in town, I had to pop in to the supermarket for some fresh provisions to take us over the weekend, and was happy to see a little bundle of fresh veg with yellow stickers on!19p a bag...bargain!
As I was walking passed our local infant school...which both my children attended what seems like only yesterday.....I thought how pretty the entrance path looked with these hanging plants. When I looked closer I thought, what a great idea...this has to be added to  my "must try" projects!
Very effective way of recycling plastic bottles aye!
A few years ago, hubby declared Friday night to be "Chocolate Night" much to the kids pleasure!
Tonight he presented us with this. Salted Caramel is the flavour of the moment it seems. It was rather nice...but for me nothing can beat a good old slab of original Galaxy ( unless its a slab of Cadbury's Dairy Milk!)
It did however have a rather lovely blue wrapper, which I thought just had to be kept for a craft project of some sort.
And finally....our craft at Friday Club was Jacob taking his family back to his homeland with his 12 sons.  I got the idea from Danielles Place, although we actually assembled them slightly differently.
We found it easy to lie the 12 cut sticks on a straight edge (ruler) then lay a strip of masking tape across the middle, turn over and add another strip of tape. 
The Friday kids had a great time  making them and wanted to take the spare ones home to do some more!


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  2. me3 July 2015 at 21:56

    Well done on resisting the coffee shop!! I like the sound of Friday being chocolate night - however why leave out the other six days!!!! Teen One will have a lovely time I'm sure, you'll miss her though I am sure. Well done on the craft, they looked o sweet.xxxxx

  3. Me thinks that you're becoming paranoid re the coffee shops!! I wouldn't have resisted Costa's! loving the salted caramel and can recommend the bar being frozen first so that the caramel lasts just that little bit longer (or so I've heard!!)

    Hope that Teen 1 enjoys herself x