Monday, 20 July 2015

Teacher's Treats!

With only two full days of the school term left, it was time to get cracking with the making and wrapping of presents for the staff.
One of Teen Two's SENCO's is leaving, and as she is a AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) I thought I would use  a Lego brick mould given to me a  couple of years ago ( thank you JD!) to make a small batch of choccies.
I added some white chocolate stars as she really has been a star for the past 4 years and I am going to miss her.
I had some individual cupcake presentation boxes, which were the perfect size for the little brick chocolate bars.
The chocolate bar note books and choccie bars, bought last week, are now all wrapped up and ready for Teen Two to label.
A couple of months ago we watched a programme called "How It's Made" where Beef Jerky was being made. Teen One thought she might like to try some, so when I saw it in Asda today I thought it was worth a try. It's rather tough, and a little like eating gristly meat if I am honest! The flavour was ok, but the texture was not to either of our liking...we shall see how the men get on with it later!
I also saw these in Asda and thought of you PD! was a little disappointing....not peanutty enough...but then they aren't actually peanut butter flavour, which I think is what we particularly like. Very edible though none the less!
Having seen two of my Recycled Teenagers this morning, I popped in to see one I haven't seen for a couple of weeks. She has been up and down, at death's door and then the next day tapping away to an Elvis impersonator....yes you heard right!! Today she was having lunch when I arrived...and feeding herself. She was shovelling it in like she hadn't eaten for weeks! She eventually needed some help...that shield did a great job of stopping the food falling off the edge of the plate, but eventually trapped the last of the meat and veg..and she was eager to finish it off. She also polished off jam sponge and custard, although  I had to feed her that myself as she was exhausted.  Throughout the entire time I was there she didn't acknowledge my presence once....just thanked me at the end for wiping her face. She probably thought I was one of the carers. However, it was good to see her calm and peaceful.
For dinner tonight, it was leftovers as usual for a Monday. With a lot of veg left over from yesterday's family service lunch, I thought I would perk them up by turning them in to chilli fritters.
Easy peasy to make:
4 oz SR flour
1/4pint milk
1 egg
seasoning to taste.
Beat all the ingredients to a smooth batter.  Mix in veg then gently fry in small heaps, flatten slightly as they are turned.
I added a chopped chilli today for extra flavour.
Today's fritters started off in the pan...but when I went to turn them over, they stuck to the pan... the non stick coating has finally died! So I lined a baking tray with baking parchment, brushed on a little oil, added the heaps then baked in a moderate oven for approx. 25-30 mins. Much healthier and I will probably cook them that way again.
Teen One and Two enjoyed them, although I did do a separate batch for Teen Two without the peas and sweetcorn.
Tonight Teen One has her first training session for the up and coming job, so I am eager to hear how she got on.
Hubby has a little job to do when he comes home as the vacuum has decided to stop picking up properly and I have exhausted all the avenues I know on that particular blue job! Am hoping to report tomorrow all is back to normal! At least its better than last Monday when my car wasn't working.


  1. Loving the lego bricks - very original!! I have never tried Beef Jerky - and not sure that I will now!!

  2. The peanut chocolate fingers look interesting....might have to try them! Hope teen one enjoys the training.....

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  4. Original post by:

    Jean Dobson20 July 2015 at 18:47

    Just love all the interesting things you come up with. I am sure Teen Two's staff look forward to their little gifts at the end of each year. The fritters look interesting, I might try them, the trouble is my present husband is a little fussy!!! I'm not sure he would consider that a dinner. On the other hand I would enjoy them.
    Off to Plymouth tomorrow for two appointments prior to the surgery. The journey has begun. Xx

  5. Ooo I think I misled you on the dinner....that was the carb part of the dinner....we had it with Heinz 5 beans, sweet chilli kebabs, baby spinach leaves. My fussy hubby wouldn't consider the fritters alone a dinner either, although Teen One and I would be quite happy!

  6. Prayers and thoughts as you start this journey! xx