Thursday, 23 July 2015

Swedish Treats!

Well my day did not get off to a good start, with the discovery that Milly had managed to knock over my corner table, which has been her favourite sleeping spot, causing chaos.....
...and breaking one of my ornaments! I removed her from behind the table at least a dozen times yesterday, but it seems she hasn't got the message! Today the door has been kept shut to try and encourage her to find a new cosy spot.
I had promised Teen Two a trip to Ikea for their bargain priced cooked breakfast ( £1.50..and take note PD, you can now buy toast for 30p)
My mother in law came along too, despite it being a very big shop and her being over 80, it's one place she does enjoy browsing round.
I was a little out of my comfort zone today though as they have redesigned everywhere, so I didn't know where anything was!
Teen Two found himself a cosy spot whilst we paid a visit to the ladies!
No trip to Ikea is complete without bringing home a bag of meatballs and cinnamon rolls!
We also love their squeezy mustard and mustard with dill.

I have very fond memories of Delrosa Rosehip Syrup as a child, so when I saw this today....
...I thought it was worth giving it a go and seeing if I could rekindle that delicious taste.
Sadly I was to be tasted of very little indeed.
Teen One has been at an all day training session, ahead of a new summer job, so as a little treat I bought her and hubby a box of Ikea's scrummy marshmallow cakes....
... but the translation is not so scrummy!
Dinner tonight is home made meatballs....just about to be browned off in my new pan! I think it was around £2, so good not to have everything sticking to the base.
Meatballs were made using pork mince, 2 apples, 3 cloves of garlic, dried sage, red onion, pinch of salt, all zuzzed up then rolled into balls. I sometimes add breadcrumbs as well.
They are now in the oven with a fresh tomato based pasta sauce, bought for 9p in the supermarket as the use by date was coming up!
I spent part of the afternoon giving Murphy his hair cut. I have to say I have dreaded this part, and am not happy with what I have done so far. His beard needs some more trimming, but I am giving it a break for the mo...unlike real beards, this will not grow back!


  1. Another busy day !!! What a shame about the cat/table incident! If only we could get into their heads, and know what they are thinking.
    IKEA, I love that shop, we were supposed to be getting one in Exeter but it has all gone quiet.
    Hope teen one got on OK today, I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. Not to mention seeing Murphey, he's looking really good. I promise not to ask you to do any other projects like this. Xxxx