Monday, 27 July 2015

Our Great British Summer!

Well today started damp and gloomy in our neck of the woods, so what to do with two teens and a hubby in such weather was uppermost in my mind

We were visiting family today, so took advantage of not being in our normal routine and decided not to brave the outdoors too early, instead we had a lazy morning, with elevenses that came with delicious peanut butter topped brownies....something I must try at home!
Whilst waiting to see if the weather was going to clear up, I did a spot of ironing. I noticed the iron had a stain on the plate...thankfully BEFORE I started to iron a white shirt! The stain was purplish red....I hadn't seen these iron cleaning pads before, and wasn't sure it was going to be up to the wrong I was....with very little effort, it removed  all the stain, with no scratches to the plate. I will definitely be looking out for these next time I am shopping.

The weather didn't improve, so we found some indoor things to do instead...a local Pannier Market...
...  a drive through McDonalds

... cheap tickets in the cinema to see Disney's new "Inside Out" which was hilarious and tear jerking at the same time!

With the showers having passed, some fruit picking with Grandad for Teen One

and a treat for Teen Two of Minion ice creams!
We are hoping the Great British Summer doesn't do this to us tomorrow!


  1. Well you managed to fill your day once again with interesting and useful things to do.
    Minions seem to be the in thing at the moment! They are everywhere.
    That fruit looks lovely, I wonder what it will be made into. Eaton mess, perhaps, or maybe a raspberry and almond tart.xxxx

  2. Mmmmm looking forward to sampling whatever it is!

  3. That reminds me - go and pick the fruit!!