Friday, 17 July 2015

Summer Party

Our day has been spent preparing for the Summer Party at church tonight, for the Friday Club kids.
We tried to choose food, activity and decorations with a summer theme. This teeny paper bunting from Tiger at only 99p really brightened up the table.
Teen One made these delightful cakes of mini gingerbread me and jelly babies sunbathing. The beach ball sweets were also from Tiger, the rainbow strips are available in most sweet shops. We did have a mini panic sourcing the paper parasols and ended up buying some on ebay...only to then find some in Asda....which was a blessing as the ebay ones have yet to arrive!
These summer themed cookies were strawberries and cream flavoured and from Morrisons Bakery section.
The palm tree straws looked really effective and the kids loved them!
We bought this adorable condiments set in The Range last year for around a fiver. Teen One fell in love with it...I couldn't help thinking if she was young enough to play with Barbies, it would be the ideal size!!  They are still available to buy this year.
We decorated the sides of the wall with watermelon bunting....
and the fish we had bought in Tiger.
The strawberry beach balls looked fantastic blown up ( also from Tiger) and proved very popular with the lads....volleyball without the net...using yellow tape on the floor instead.
Teen One was in charge of the Stone  Tower Building competition, this was obviously a new skill for most of the kids....some didn't have the patience to stay long, but others got quite hooked when they knew there was a prize for the most stones used!
"What's in the Bag" is generally popular whenever we bring it out and tonight was no exception.
"Guess how many..."is also popular....
We managed to get enough shells to fill a jam jar with to keep up the summer theme too.
"Find It" is a brilliant game, we have had this one for quite a few years now and is loved by young and old. Its a great ice breaker too.
We always lay the challenge " find the penny and we will give you a pound" but we have yet to  lose a pound!
Find It Games are available in all sorts of themes...and having just discovered there is a new Bible theme, we may have to buy another one! All of them have a penny hidden inside and it is the trickiest thing ever to find...we have been near it ..once! Ours cost around £15 in Tesco a few years ago and has provided so much fun for so many people, its been one of our Best Buys!
Be can be very addictive!
With the quiz finished ...which was a brilliant piece of interactive fun, which hubby had spent hours was food time.
The hot dogs went down well, as did the cakes...then it was time for them to take home their "ice cream" and stick of rock...
...but not before this fantastic treat!
One of our dads offered to bring his candy floss all 40 odd kids queued up with great excitement to get their huge stick of pure sugar!  I do hope they didn't go home too high!
They could choose pink or blue!
There was the inevitable clearing up to do, and by the time we arrived home we had little energy for anything but a cuppa and some chocolate ( well it is Friday!!)
This is probably the most Teen One has been involved with the preparation of such an event. For hubby and I it is of course a fairly regular feature of our life. Her first comments were..."all that time and effort and it was over so quickly!"
This is indeed true, but its time and effort well spent, giving kids happy memories to look back on, and for me, one of the things that was so special about tonight was, all of our activities were low spec, simple and fairly cheap....and yet they brought such a lot of enjoyment. Our kids nowadays are techy from an early age and sometimes hard to engage with unless it is via an "app" or "ipad" so to see them having such fun, with jam jars, stones and beach balls, was really thrilling.
Of course, what was also very special was the fact they remembered so many of the Bible stories we have been sharing with them this year! That is really our main goal and so for that we are truly grateful.
We are now looking forward to the six weeks break!


  1. Wow!! What a day, with something like this all the preparation going on for so long, it is sometimes difficult to 'see' how it will turn out. Having just looked at the pictures I can just imagine the atmosphere - wonderful !! And so what if the kids go home high, it's only once a year. Well done.
    We had a funeral to go to today, about 300 people there, a good sermon, good singing, good refreshments and best of all a gorgeous 48 hour old grandson of the deceased. No one was sure if he would make an appearance on time, but he did and the little fella doesn't even have a name yet!! Mum looked amazing, no one would ever know she had just had a baby, her second one as well!!xx

  2. Sounds like perfect timing, such a shame he won't meet his granddad, but he will be a comfort and distraction for those mourning. 300 people wow!