Monday, 13 July 2015

New Found Respect!

Well today started, like any other Monday, although a little colder and gloomier than we have become accustomed to. However it was hard to feel gloomy with this chirpy little blackbird paying a visit to my washing pole, singing the most glorious song. Little did I know how unusual my day was going to be!
Around 9.15am, Teen One and I set out to pay our weekly visit to one of my Recycled Teens. We loaded the car up with the vacuum ( having discovered last week she has a silverfish investation!) and chatted idly as I put the key in the ignition. Turned the key...nothing...turned it absent mindedly again...nothing. On the third attempt I paid close attention, ensuring I wasn't doing something silly...even checked I had the right keys with me ( now that WAS silly!)
Nope, the car was as dead as a dodo. 
First thing to do was call hubby! His first diagnosis was the starter motor had gone. "Put the car in fourth gear and rock it back ward and forward" was the suggestion. So out Teen One and I got and proceeded to do as we were told. Nope...that didn't work. Next instruction was "check all around the car and see if you can see any signs of it being tampered with." Out we went, look all around ( not really being sure what signs to look for...but all looked normal.) Nope, next idea " is the interior light switch on?" I look up "is it supposed to be flat?" I asked "Yes!" replies the oracle. Hmmm....I think we have found the answer!
Having no idea how long the light had been "not flat", and not having used it for a couple of was looking suspiciously like we had a flat battery on our hands.
Well that was that. Nothing for it but to call my dear Recycled Teen and tell her we would have to come tomorrow instead.
As I was trying to lock the car ( the key fob button now not working properly) my neighbours son pulled up...hoping to park where I currently was. I explained I had suspected flat battery and wasn't going anywhere in a hurry today.
He kindly offered to use his jump leads to get the car started and advised I went for a drive straight after. Initially I declined, knowing he had an appointment to get his dad to, but when he said it had been cancelled I thought, well at least we could rule out the battery by giving it a go and it may just work.
So he got out his brand new leads...from his brand new car. The first shock was....when you lift a car bonnet you are not always faced with mucky greasy grimy pieces of engine! I have never seen anything so clean!  I then dreaded him opening mine...even touching the bonnet to open it! I told Teen One to rush in and get a rag for him to use. Hmm...another problem... she had let herself in earlier.....I hadn't realised she hadn't brought the keys back out and she hadn't realised I hadn't either! So we were now shut out of the house! Thankfully my neighbour has a spare set...but this day was not getting off to the start we had intended!
Having got his bonnet open and the leads in his hand, my neighbours son then seemed to have a to access his battery..."I think I might need your help" he said. He thinks he might need my help??? How little he knows me! What do I know about cars! He is a real petrol head, knows the price of any car you can name, goes to all the motor shows, buys all the car magazines....and now he is asking for my help? Having offered a little advice ( I can at least understand basic symbols!) he got the plastic casing off. Next problem was...where to attach the lead...well....I really was lost on that one. However he decided on what looked like a good place and then the time came to open up my bonnet! Oh my...what a terrible dark and dirty place it looked. He was VERY grateful for the rag and proceeded to use it like someone with OCD!
Next problem was...where does he attach it to my battery? Having seen  hubby do it countless times ( but don't ask me just where the lead had to go) I knew it was possible to attach the lead with little problem.....I was beginning to develop a new found respect for my dear hubby! The son very quickly conceded defeat and went away rather sad that he wasn't able to be the hero of the day.
There was nothing for it, Teen One and I were going to have to rethink our day.
I suggested that whilst I got on with some very mundane ironing, she make some cakes for Friday's kids party.
She got on with that little task and had enough mixture left over to make a little batch of  Cake Pops.
After a morning of working, Teen One asked if we could see if the new Annie film was available on download. This is something we do so rarely, I can't even remember how long ago we did it!  I thought we deserved a little treat,  and how many 17 year olds ask to watch such  innocent films?
Having loved the original version many times when the Teens were small...I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the new take on this classic...however it was just as good.
With no new project on the go, but having the need to do something with my time other than watch a film, I remembered I had a bag of chunky wool given to me  ( curses...just as I was trying to reduce my stash!) so decided to knit a loop scarf with it....not sure if I will keep it or donate it. It certainly grows fast anyway!
With the film finished, it was time to get back to being a housewife...a bit of cleaning, tidying, and the making of a chicken pie for tonights dinner.
Here I developed another new found respect!!
As soon as I started to roll the pastry out, I realised something was was falling apart with every push of the rolling pin. I put my hand into the flour jar to add a bit more flour, to see if this would help....I immediately realised something was wrong....the flour didn't feel right at all!  "Teen One" I called out....."what flour did you use this morning?"  "I ran out of flour in the jar, so used the white self raising flour in the cupboard" I looked in the cupboard and realised straightaway , she had used the gluten free flour, and then proceeded to be helpful and fill up the jar I keep regular flour in!
I found the pastry impossible to handle and had a very definite new found respect and sympathy for our gluten intolerant friends who have to use this flour all the time!
There was no way I was going to be able to roll this stuff out and line a pastry I squidged it into small piles and then used the scone cutter to turn the chicken pie into chicken cobbler!
I have no idea how it is going to turn out! I will keep you all posted!
With no car, that meant no shopping, so no fresh provisions....but at least I still had a new head of broccoli I had bought on Friday....well, I might still have it...but it had turned a very unpleasant shade of yellow and developed a very unpleasant smell! The light in this picture is being VERY kind...its hard to see any green on it in real life!
So frozen peas it is (sorry Teen Two!) at least we have some carrots and sweet potato to go with it!
To end with , I thought I would share with you the very pretty hair clip Teen One has been wearing today. In the shape of a mini Jammy Dodger...isn't it adorable!
Its made me smile each time I saw it.
It was made by Food Jewellery Direct and we were delighted with the hassle free transaction.
Whilst today was not the one we had has been a productive and comical one and a reminder that whilst we think we are in control of our lives and plans... as Psalm 31 reminds us "our times are in His Hands!"


  1. Love jammy Dodgers but not sure I would wear one in my hair!!!! Hope the car gets fixed soon - I am a little disappointed hubby couldn't fix it remotely!

  2. Wow - what a day - and definitely one to persuade me to buy new cars and avoid gluten free flour!!

  3. How is it that you can turn a 'disaterious' day into an exiting one. Well maybe not exiting but interesting one! I maybe speaking too soo, but we have a friend who had to have gluten food for a while, so when she came to visit, I tried to make things for her. Pastry No Go!! Biscuits weren't too bad but the biggest achievement was a fatness sponge, it worked a treat. I'll try it again soon just to make sure it wasn't a 'flook

  4. The cakes Teen One made look ok to be fair...maybe haven't risen as much as I would expect normal flour, but then we deliberately didn't fill the cases as kids tend to eat the topping and waste half the cake!
    The cobbler was actually rather tasty. I think it absorbed more gravy than regular pastry as I had to make more, and Teen One didn't like the "squeaky" feeling on her teeth, but no one else even noticed it wasn't normal pastry.