Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Guilty Secret!

My day started with the early morning drop off of my friend's foster child. Whilst I got on with the usual "first thing in the morning" chores, she amused herself with Teen One's dolls house. It isn't really the sort of house to be played with, more admired, but she is old enough to be sensible with it.
A little later in the day Little Missy decided a resident of the dolls house needed a little something...
have you guessed it....
a kennel! The little pooch was hand felted by an online friend a few years ago...he is adorable isn't he! Such a clever lady!
Late morning we took a drive down to the will be relieved to learn the car started today! Hubby recharged the battery and then went for a 30 mile drive last night. This morning, the dedicated hubby that he is, went for a drive in it again around 6am! There was no starting problem then or at 10.30am when us three girls went out. I shall however be wary for a few days.
We headed straight for our local Natural History museum and their Butterfly House. SADLY and MADDENINGLY I left my camera at home!
I spent the entire time moaning about it. So the above photo is one of Teen One taken in the same place last year.
I would love to have shared with you the hive we watched. It was fascinating watching the honeybees on live cam coming into the hive...then seeing them in the hive itself. We searched in vain for the queen bee though.

When we got home I printed off some worksheets for Little Missy to do. We saw exhibits of bee keeping safety clothing and racks from hives, so thought this picture was pretty apt.
I would like to have shared with you the beautiful swans who had come out for a drink of fresh water, kindly put out by the café owner.
I'd like to have shared with you the ships we saw out to sea

I'd like to have shared with you the outdoor gym equipment, over looking the sea, that the girls had fun on
But instead all I can share with you is a picture I took at home of the pebbles we collected!

During the afternoon I had that irresistible call for chocolate coming from inside me! No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, it just wouldn't go away! Know the feeling? After much soul searching...I sneaked into the room where the girls were playing and whipped away this cute little bunny! But my oh my...I forgot about his bell and boy did it make a noise...but I think I got away with it, neither girl turned a head!
I hope that you will not think me too greedy a glutton when you hear I have had this little bunny since Easter, and managed to resist opening him! Not only that...he is the small one...I have a large one waiting for me too!
Now chocolate is wonderful...but chocolate and a hot drink is hard to beat! So I made myself a cup of coffee...feeling a little guilty that I wasn't offering to share this little beauty with the girls. Had time to unwrap him, take his photo....when the door bell went. It was my friend after her day at work, coming to collect Little Missy. She had had a hard day and looked like a cuppa would be just the ticket  before heading home.  She like me is rather partial to chocolate...and unlike me...regularly polishes off a whole bar of dairy milk, all to herself!  So, I really had to be a good friend and share out my little bunny didn't I! It took away some of the guilt I had  built up during the previous 10 minutes!
We both enjoyed a little bit  of indulgence and a catch up whilst the girls played.
And as usual she came bearing gifts!


  1. You have a wonderful hubby - but you probably already knew that! Very impressed that you hadn't finished your Easter chocolate yet - and good you were forced to share it!

  2. Guilt and chocolate just don't mix - one ruins the taste of the other!

  3. Pleased the car was ok today, it is just awful when they let you down. You sound as though you have had another lovely day. Chocolate is always best when it is shared, remember that HUGE box of chocolates we had at Christmas?!!! You have a lovely friend bearing gifts, but then what would she do without you. Xxxxx