Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pretty Flowers!

Look at my courgette flowers now! Isn't it beautiful! I am so thrilled all my hard work a few weeks ago seems to be paying off. I think I need to do a bit of swotting up though to see if I should be doing anything with them. I left my some tomatoes to their own devices the first time I tried to grow them...well....the area resembled a jungle in the end! I can't say  I am an expert with them now, but haven't managed a repeat of that first attempt!
My friend brought me in a bunch of flowers at the weekend, for looking after her foster child.
Because of all the trauma that was going on I didn't have a chance to really appreciate them.
Today I suddenly spotted the roses had opened out...isn't it beautiful. Teen One and I are wondering what colour the lilies in the background will be.
On the subject of pretty flowers....what do you think of this adorable little one? Isn't she sweet...and what about all that hair!! She is the granddaughter of a friend who came for lunch today.  Teen One was in her element giving her cuddles.
The weather was a little unsettled this morning, but this afternoon has been quite pleasant. Perfect washing drying weather...warm with a breeze.
Teen One took our remaining gerbil out into the garden. We feel he is in need of some TLC at the moment and having more time spent with him. The play pen was half in the shade and half in the sun...he preferred to take in the suns rays...can you see him there?
I have finally finished the rainbow ripple blanket I am making for Teen One (inspired by Attic 24)well most of it anyway.  All that is needed is the sewing in of those ends and a few rows of single crochet for the edging.
I don't have any plans for my next project yet...unusually....so am open to some inspiration!
Finally, we are in need of some DIY advice! On Saturday Hubby made a new shelf for me, from a lovely piece of oak. Unfortunately, one side is curling/warping slightly. You can see in the picture where the right side is pulling away from the glue.
He has done some googling as to how to rectify this...from using a steam iron to leaving it alone....anyone got any advice?


  1. What a pretty courgette flower! Apparently you can eat them, you are supposed to stuff them with cream cheese and then deep fry them!! Personally I don't fancy that far too rich, but they do serve them in 'posh restaurants '. Your flowers look beautiful and as for for that baby, she really does look like a little doll. Gorgeous !!!
    What a shame about the shelf, I will ask my present husband when he comes down what he could advise. The only thing that comes to mind is did Hubby 'seal the underside of the wood before he put it in. I'm thinking the moisture may have warped the wood.

    I made your luscious lemon cake yesterday for some visitors we had - very nice!!xxxx

  2. No he didn't seal the underneath and online advice says not to seal with a warp. Any advice welcome!
    Mmm to the cake! Doesn't last long does it but very quick and easy to make x

  3. Forgot to say.....we can at the flower? I assumed the flower would become the courgette! I obviously have a lot to learn!

  4. Have asked my present husband, but the answer is rather complicated. Sadly he thinks you will probably have to have a new piece of wood. I will try and explain the process in an e.mail tomorrow.xxxx