Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Let the Summer Holiday's Begin!

I am sure it's true to say that few of us enjoy our relationship with the bathroom scales!
Today however I have LOVED my scales!
I had to see the Doctor first thing this morning, just a routine check up. Whilst there...she said..."lets pop you on the scales shall we?"
Hmm....with clothes and shoes on....I am NOT going to like what I see!
She asked if my weight was steady...which it is...kind of....I did say I had been trying to shed a few pounds and had managed around a stone since Christmas, but hadn't really been trying recently, so hadn't dared stand on the scales in a while!
With the feeling of impending doom, I gingerly got on the scales and the doctor announced...."so that's **st **lbs" ( you didn't really think I would tell  you on a live blog did you!!)
"Oh" I said...rather shocked..."I think your scales must be wrong"
"No my dear...we have them calibrated annually...its yours that are wrong!"
She got me to stand on doubt about it....I was weighing half a stone LIGHTER!! Now that is the quickest weight loss, half a stone just by walking down the road!
Since I was weighed before, I appear to have lost 17pounds. Now that is good news, although my mirror doesn't seem to reflect that!
I am now only in the "overweight" range, with a BMI of 27 ( ok nothing to be proud of) It does sound better than the Obese I was considered to be before...which for a size 16-`18 always sounded rather harsh! But we have heavy bones in our family don't we :)
Teen One and I went into town after my appointment and managed to grab ourselves a couple of bargains!
In Marks and Spencer they were selling these lip balms for 39p! They were originally selling for £3 with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.  They smell delicious and are such a pretty pink.
I bought 10 for teacher's Christmas pressies! I have never been so organised on that score before!
We then went into Accessorize...seeing their 70% sale sign.  Teen One came away with some pressies for friends and I came away with these pretty gift boxes....the perfect size for the lip balms. 75p down to 22p!
Next stop was WH Smith's. Teen One had a gift card from Christmas still, so we browsed around the stationery section. I saw this giant cupcake memo board....down to £1! Teen One bought one for a friend and mine is stashed away for Little Missy.
For some inexplicable reason, sleep did not want to come last night. I lay in bed till 4am still not having dropped off. As usual, the sun starts to rise, the birds hail the dawn of a new day, and sleep decides to grace it's presence! So after only a couple of hours sleep, by this afternoon my energy levels were at an all time low! I thought I would do some sitting down jobs, enter the meter readings etc, check the bank accounts. Whilst online I had a FB cry for help! Young Retiree was having trouble with a knitting pattern...could I have a go and see if I could get it right?
Well it's flattering to think I was up to the job!
So I set to with my needles and yarn and religiously marked off each row as I went.
It was obvious by the end of the first row something was not right....lots of stitches being made, but not decreased at any stage. I persevered with the rows "just in case" I was missing something and it was all going to come right at the end.
Nope...having started with 63 stitches, by the end of several rows I had almost 100! The pattern did not in any way resemble the picture I was looking at.
There was nothing for it but to unpick it and rethink the situation. I had read through all the abbreviations, I read through the pattern several times...I definitely appeared to be doing as it asked. There was however, one thing that niggled me. I had never before seen the abbreviation SSK (slip slip knit)
On looking further down the pattern I saw the designer had helpfully given a link to a You Tube video.
Perfect!! I would be able to see just what was going on.
In seconds it was clear, there was a minor word "missing" from the abbreviations! "Together!"
The two slip stitches had to be knitted together! Easy when you know how!
So, all you pattern designers out there...make sure you use standard abbreviations or give a more in depth explanation.
Teen Two came home lunch that's it...the summer holidays have officially begun!
Both my Teens home with me now for six whole weeks...the best six weeks of the year!


  1. Ohhhh!! Can I have your Dr.'sscales please? Very organised with the lip balms, I love a bargain - and that was a good one and how perfect to get the little bags as well. Put them somewhere safe and don't loose them!! ( my favourite trick ) well done on the knitting pattern, I knew you could do it. As for presses, well it is obviously your day because I also have a pressie for you. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but could you bring a size C crotchet hook with you when you visit? In fact if by chance you have 2 of them, that would be useful!!!! Xx

  2. Well done on the scales front - can I go to your doctors please?

    Thank you for the help on the knitting front - I totally missed the youtube link - whatever did we do before youtube!! The pattern is now knitting up nicely and logically!

  3. Another pressie!! What a good day I am having! Don't be too confident with my crochet pattern reading skills though! But then this is always You tube!!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished bolero!

  4. Well done on the scales - very impressive!