Tuesday, 28 July 2015

It's the Country Life for Me!

Today we had the pleasure of reconnecting with friends we haven't seen for many years.
They live out in the middle of the country, and for us townsfolk it was a real treat.
Sixty acres of land to explore with stunning scenery
walks down to the river
a time for the men to catch up on all the years
viewing a fallen tree, hoping to chop it up  soon for the woodburner
time for a little rest
walking through the woods
crossing boggy marshland
back to the farmhouse
for a traditional home made tea
with salad grown in the garden
delicious egg sandwiches made from freshly laid eggs from these chookies
Beautiful wild flowers in the hallway
admiring their mother's hand made pottery plates
the highlight for the Teens was a ride in the tractor!
Down the farm lane
up to the top field
It was an very out of the ordinary sort of day for us townies...I think I could easily live the country life!

1 comment:

  1. Country life is great!! Until you run out of milk, bread, or some other basic thing, then you have to drive for miles to find a shop!
    When the sun is shining, the cows in the field, the sheep in the field, the poo in the field (oooops sorry) when the sheep are taken along the road to be sheared, it's lovely walking along trying to avoid the poo, ( oooops sorry again) the driving rain, the times we are snowed in because the council won't grit the country lanes, oh it's lovely to live in the country. Personally I wouldn't change it for the world. Xxxxxx