Monday, 6 July 2015

I Like What I Like!

Well today has been an ordinary day, and I rather like ordinary days sometimes!
A day of achieving all the usual things and also a few extras!
Something I had hoped to do today was clean up Teen One's new shoes. They came back from the weekend away with grass stains. Seeing as they were  new I really wanted to see if I could clean them up for her.
I remembered an American friend had given me a "Tide To Go " stick a few years ago. It was something that for a long time just sat with the rest of the laundry products, until one day Teen One found a stain on a favourite top that washing hadn't removed. Not thinking the Tide stick would do any good (not ever had any success with Vanish) I smeared it over the stain with my mind on other things...and hey presto...the stain disappeared before my eyes!!
So this morning, I gave the grass stains a go...and see if you can spy any! I certainly can't! Teen One was very pleased :)
I had a google earlier, wondering how expensive it would be to have some shipped over from the US...and found I can buy them on Amazon!   I am now wondering if they have been available in Supermarkets all this time and I just haven't seen them! Will be keeping my eyes open next time.
I went into the garden just after breakfast to see if any of the plants needed watering before the sun got too hot. I was amazed to see the courgettes I planted from the Funky Veg Kit were started to flower!! This is the most success I have ever had with home gown produce...ok...I know we are not quite at the produce bit yet...but flowers....well its looking good isn't it!!
Teen Two was still a bit downhearted this morning, and I was thinking about him all day, hoping and praying he was managing to get on with the day without too many sad thoughts. I saw one of his favourite chocolate bars was on special offer, so couldn't resist treating him! After all...chocolate is one of the best pick me ups isn't it!
When we lived in New England 19 years ago, I had never heard of Oreos, but they were very obviously a part of most American kids life. Now, we see it everywhere over here in the UK, its one of the "flavours of the month" it seems.
I am hoping to make some Oreo topped Brownies this week, inspired by "Tales from a Happy House"
Her posting yesterday came at just the right time for me as I need to get a tray bake made for a young peoples event at the weekend. I am hoping this will go down a treat, along with a load of Jam Jar Puds I am planning on making. I shall keep you posted as the week goes on!
Whilst talking about "treats" I thought I would confess to a very big treat the other day!
For some years now I have been a rather avid fan of Orla Kiely. I particularly love her "Stem" collections. Whenever I see her designs I like to linger and admire them. There is something so simple yet endearing about her use of repeat patterning. Not all of her designs are to my taste, but the majority of them are. They are however rather out of my price range, so admiring and appreciating the work is as far as I go.
I was thrilled to come across one of her shops in Covent Garden last year...a whole shop of her designs! Not just a little section in a department store!
So you can imagine how excited I was to see an advert on the TV for coffee jars carrying her designs!! I rushed out eagerly the next day to make a purchase, thinking I would add to my collection every couple of weeks, but was rather taken aback at the price of them. Around £8, but I suppose it was a posh coffee. I decided however I couldn't stretch to that much so just did my usual and admired the design.
A week or two later I saw that the jars were on special offer for £5!! Well...I just couldn't resist that could I....until that is...I saw they only did this range in regular coffee and we only drink decaff!
So...yet again I just stood there in the aisle and admired the pretty patterns.
Another couple of weeks went by and I thought no more about it, until one day I saw them again....pleading with me to give them a new home!! I kept telling them I really shouldn't, and anyway we didn't drink regular coffee, so I really couldn't justify buying one. But then they reminded me, I would never be able to own an Orla Kiely Storage jar for a fiver ( take a look at the website!!) and these ones came with the added bonus of being filled with posh coffee. Didn't I make coffee cakes...didn't I have friends  round who might prefer regular to decaff...didn't I have friends who would appreciate a Random Act of Kindness by being given some posh coffee in a  jam jar?? But which one to have ...which pattern did I like best...well....there was nothing for it....I had to have them ALL!!
Please tell me that coffee jars talk to everyone!
Last year we started to re-upholster some old dining room chairs. I couldn't find any fabric I really liked enough to live with, so started looking at curtains instead, hoping I would find a neutral design  that I could use to cover the chairs with whilst waiting for that perfect pattern in proper upholstery fabric to turn up...I found these in The Range ( so you can guess they were quite cheap!) and it wasn't until we were on the fourth chair that I realised they were very "Orla Kiely-ish!" I also around the same time started to collect some new tumblers in Ikea...
I guess it goes to show...I like what I like!


  1. I must confess to buying yoghurt that didn't taste that good -because the pots just talked to me!! I completely understand where you come from - what is weird with that?

  2. Phew,must be a very normal thing to do then!

  3. If you are growing corgette you should try bakng a corgette and lemon cake - it is one on our list to try over the next couple of weeks....

  4. They are yellow courgettes as well so will blend in perfectly! Not sure I will actually produce enough though! Watch out for updates!