Tuesday, 14 July 2015

De Ja Vu!

Well today started much the same as yesterday. It was rather miserable looking outside, but that cheeky chappy blackbird was back to sing me his delightful song again.
I did all my usual "first thing in the morning" chores, checked my Recycled Teenager next door was up and ok, then packed the car ready to see yesterday's Recycled Teenager.
I put my keys in the ignition, fully expecting to hear that lovely hum of the engine ( which has got to be the second best sound after the washing machine!) only to get that "de ja vu" feeling!
Although there was a slight murmur coming from under the bonnet, it was nowhere near enough to turn over the engine.
Hubby's current diagnosis is, not a long enough run last night, we shall see what tomorrow brings. Needless to say I shall be filled with a tad trepidation tomorrow morning.
So with my day once again not turning out as I had planned, I thought I would set to and do something I haven't managed to find the time to do recently.
Murphy the Schnauzer really needs to be put together in the next week or so, so he was put to top of the list this morning.
He is still not quite finished, and the neck isn't sitting right, so I will unpick it and redo later.
I am still putting off cutting his hair, once its cut there is no going back!
We had already planned to go shopping with some friends, so thankfully we didn't need our car for that as we had arranged to go in theirs. We visited one of our favourite shops "Tiger" and bought a pile of chocolate note books for end of term teacher/LSA presents. At £1 each they are fun and affordable, I will get bars of chocolate to go with them
I also picked up another packet of the BBQ and Grill seasoning which hubby had raved about on last Sundays roast chicken . Again only a pound a pack.
Just as we were returning to the car park, the sun came out! After two days confined to home it was lovely to be out and about. My sympathies go to those who do not have the privileges  I generally have, and spend many days, sometimes every day, within the same four walls.
When we arrived home, I was thrilled to see the sun had enticed my yellow flowers, which have been in tight bud for a while, to come out and brighten up our garden. A friend gave me a small clump of these flowers seven or eight years ago and they never fail to come up every year, and spread prolifically. Anyone know what they are called?
So, that was my de ja vu day and I am once again reminded  the scriptures say "Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth." Proverbs 27


  1. Glad that you have enjoyed the sun - you must have ours!! You need to take the car on a long run by the sounds of things - I may not use it every day but its reassuring to know that I could if I needed to.

  2. The schnauzer is coming on very well! You are so clever, I know a certain lady is going to be thrilled with it. It's such a shame about your car. It's difficult to plan anything. I'm sure hubby will sort it for you.
    I love the picture of the clock and flowers, very summery!!xx

  3. You gave us the clock as a gift many years ago...it used to be in the conservatory and never kept good time...we put it in the garden last year...works perfectly now!!
    Murphy is a ONE OFF!! I can see nothing but faults with it!

  4. I do remember giving you the clock, it looks good. I don't think there is ever a good place to put these things. I am sure the recipient of Murphey will be absolutely delighted with it. However what I said when I asked you to make it, she is willing to pay a fair price for it, so please work it out. Xxxx meant to say earlier I made a gluten free cake (fatless recipe). Turned out very well. Mind you it could have been the fresh raspberries and cream that was in it!!!! Xxxx