Friday, 10 July 2015

Baking Hot!

Well today was probably not the best day to do a batch of its so hot!! However I needed to prepare a few bits ahead of tomorrow's Young Peoples Bible Study Day we plan to attend.
As you can see, I  baked another batch of Oreo Brownies. I can fast see this become a regular feature in our household. Both the Teens love Oreo anything!
I decided to make good use of the oven being on and all the baking stuff out and make a plain sponge mixture. I had an idea in  my head to use some Dariol moulds to make some sandcastle cakes for next weeks Friday Club "party." Even with their little flags on top...they look a bit like Daleks to me!!
I have another idea for cakes which I will share with you next week.
One of the desserts I am taking tomorrow is White Chocolate Truffle Dessert.
It's very calorific, so very tasty!! I am going to decorate with the strawberries when we arrive, if I do it before the fruit will "bleed" on the way and not look nearly so attractive!
The dessert is really easy to make:
Your usual biscuit base ( I used 8oz crushed digestive biscuits and 4oz melted butter)
400g white chocolate ( I used Lidls 39p)
300ml Fromage frais OR sour cream ( I used sour cream today)
300ml double cream
Prepare biscuit base and leave to chill
Place cream in saucepan and bring to boil stirring constantly.
Turn off heat, add chocolate and stir till melted
Leave to cool completely
Add fromage frais/sour cream.
Stir well and pour over base
Leave to chill at least 3 hours.
Serve with fresh fruit.
I have also served this in pretty tea cups without (and with!) the biscuit base with a few raspberries on top.
I am part way through making a batch of Jam Jar Puds and will show you them tomorrow.
 For anyone wondering...the lilies are open.....a beautiful shade of cream although they look white here!
 Yesterday Teen One and I cut out a pile of "coats" to use for our Joseph and his coat of many colours story today. We had initially intended that they use fabric scraps to  design their coats with, but as time was of the essence tonight, we just gave them crayons and felt tips. They had a great time, despite my reservations it wouldn't be interesting enough!


  1. we had daleks like that - dipped in chocolate and, I think, something like matchmakers sticking out

  2. Just a shame they are supposed to be sandcastles!