Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Traditonal English Country Town Fair

Not having seen our friends for so many years, it was rather bizzare that we should be seeing them two days in a row! Having got home yesterday evening, we realised Teen Two had left something behind! Despite the rather gloomy weather, the view from the top of their lane was just as stunning.
Our next stop of the day was a traditional English small country town fair. This one has been held annually for almost 800 years! It is organised on a not for profit basis by hard working members of the community. All are dedicated to upholding the ancient traditions which make this fair rather unique.
I just knew it was going to be full of things I was going to fall in love with!
The local church had been beautifully  festooned with fresh flowers
Inside, local budding florists had the most amazing displays, all representing the various days of creation. This one was Sunrise...
... and this was Sunset
see if you can guess the other days!
Outside the lanes were full of stalls selling all sorts of home made delights!
We couldn't resist this tasty looking ginger flapjack, made by the local WI
which is just as well, because look what was on the next stall! Such a shame we were full up!
This chocolate chess set would fetch a pretty price no doubt!
My eye was drawn to these Japanese Knot Bags and I wondered if Young Retiree had ever made one?
There was so many stalls to look at I was spoilt for choice
Hubby spotted a stall raising money for a local children's hospice, pay £1, pull a number out of the hat and win a soft toy with the corresponding number. Teen Two is a big softy when it comes to cuddly was delighted with this win!
For lunch we stopped off at the local bakery
Mini pizza for the Teens
Mini traditional pasties for hubby and I
For afters it was this very naughty bun!
as it turned out, the bun was naughtier than I anticipated...I accidently touched the camera lens with my sticky fingers without realising it...every picture taken for the rest of the day now has a blurry mark on it!
Our new member of the family enjoyed seeing the local sheep competition pens
the vintage tractors
the vintage cars
whilst hubby enjoyed the vintage motorbikes.
Both the Teens took on the challenge to climb the ladder, without falling off to win £20
Needless to say, neither won!
With the blue skies trying their best to make an appearance, we decided to drive over to a mock up of Trumpton, which will in a few weeks be burned to the ground! But all for a very worthy charity, so well worth all the hard work!
and no visit is complete without ice cream made locally with clotted cream on top!
By the time we headed back home...with the satnav guiding us through the smallest of lanes at times, the sun was starting to burst through and give us the beginnings of a lovely bright evening.


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  1. A lovely country crafty day. We are so fortunate to have these traditions on our doorstep. Beautiful flowers, beautiful crafts. Xx