Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Sad Day For Teen Two

When I started this blog three weeks ago, little did I think I was going to be sharing things so sad and so close together.
Today was supposed to be a fun day, looking after a friends foster child, enjoying the sunshine, and then sharing a meal with our friends when they came to collect Young Missy.
Unfortunately the day took a different turn of events. We had noticed last night one of the gerbils was not himself, and also very very thin, apart from a very bulging tummy. This did not look good.
A bit of googling led us to believe he probably had a tumour. I had a rather restless night, worrying the little critter was in pain, and worrying how Teen Two would take the news.
He has been very protective towards these two little fellas, having received them as his 13th birthday present. He loves them to bits.
I came down early, expecting to maybe see Cookie hadn't survived the night....he had, but clearly was not himself.
So, when we were all up, we got little Cookie out and showed Teen Two what we had discovered, and then got him to monitor his movements in the little play area we have for them. It was obvious things were not right. So we talked out what options we had. All this brought poor Teen Two to tears...but he knew the kindest thing to do was go to the vets, knowing he may not be coming back with us.
We spent a very sad couple of hours, waiting for our appointment time to come. Many tears where shed and much sighing went on.
I have to say, the vet treated us all with the utmost of respect, and gave us time alone in the room to say our goodbyes. Teen Two more or less poured his heart out to the little furry ball in his hand, whilst hubby and I looked on feeling completely helpless and as inwardly distraught as Teen Two was.
The vet took Cookie away, left us to weep alone, then came back with a little wrapped bundle for us to bury at home  (Teen Two's request.) She confirmed there had been a tumour and we had done the right thing in bringing him today.
I felt sorry for the foster child, who had to be an observer to this great family loss, and we did our best to include her, as she too as always loved playing with our gerbils.
The photo above was taken just before we left for the vets.
We tried to get on with the day and do some activities to take our minds off it,  a trip to the local park...
feeding the local wildlife...
a little stroll....
a game of "granny hop out of bed" with the plentiful supply of bindweed.....
some crabbing.....
although there were no crabs biting today...only tiddlers!
But none of these things took away from our heavy hearts. At least such events open the way to conversations one would never normally start...and these experiences are a valuable, if sad, part of life.
We shall end with a picture of happier days.
To many he was just a little rodent, but to all you pet owners out will know that feeling of loss that comes with having loved and cared for an animal and made them a part of your heart and life.
For us as parents, its even harder to see your child mourn something they loved so much and we have yet to share the news with Teen One who is blissfully unaware of the sadness that has befallen our family today.
In Memory of Cookie 2013-2015


  1. So sorry for your loss - we know how difficult losing a pet can be. We send all our love - particularly to teen two xxxx

  2. As above.xxxxxxx. Difficult to cope with but all our experiences good and bad are in the end good for us. Hope that makes sense, but I think you know what I mean.xxxx

  3. As above xxxxxxxx. Losing a pet never gets any easier but the balance is all the joy that cookie has brought you all. Xx

  4. Yes that's right and that's one of the things we told Teen Two yesterday. Also being a pet owner means having to make tough decisions at times for their benefit when they cannot make that decision themselves. As sad as it is, it also teaches them/us that grief is something you do get over and you do manage to find things to smile about and feel happy inside.Someone once said, losing someone you love leaves a hole in your life, the hole is always there but you learn to live around it.