Friday, 24 July 2015

A Rainy Day

Well what does one do on a rainy day? When the Teens were small I actually loved rainy days...I loved thinking up things to occupy their little minds with, getting out puzzles and games I had squirrelled away "for a rainy day." It was also an opportunity to do some baking..rock cakes and jam tarts were a favourite. Reading books ,we had got from our weekly walk to the local library, was also a fun way to pass a wet afternoon.
I particularly used to enjoy the hardback books by "Sarah Garland." She very simply, and cleverly, mirrored family life for many of us mums up and down the country.
Today however things are very different. Teens have their own idea of how to spend a wet usually entails a screen of some sort, no more donning of the wellies to splash in puddles in the garden!
The  garden however, did benefit from the persistent rain and my lovely yellow flowers were so laden their heads were struggling to stay up!
I am glad to report screens weren't a permanent feature of the day for Teen Two, he spent some time with Shadow, who just loves to run along his back and shoulders!
Teen One was on her second day of training ("dealing with challenging behaviour!") so is just having some screen catch up time now.
Lunch today for Teen Two, was a "must try" if you are a Marmite fan. It was spaghetti ( left over from yesterday's dinner) with Marmite and grated cheese. Nigella Lawson introduced me to Marmite Spaghetti (not personally you understand!) but we all felt cheese was needed to make it that extra bit special. Its quick and simple and a great vegetarian meal too. I guess this would work with any pasta, not just spaghetti.
Murphy had to have a minor operation today! I noticed last night that one of his legs was on the wrong way!! How is it I had looked at that for weeks and not noticed!
He is now ready to meet his owner next week. Both Teens feel he should have some white added to his eyes...but I have kept to the pattern and will see what the owner thinks.
He stands better now  I think.
He  could probably do with a bit more of a trim but I am too scared to cut any more off!
I am not a very techy person ( which I am sure you have all worked out by now!) but had wanted to add some little extra things that I have appreciated on other people's blogs. The ability to "follow, search" etc.  What I didn't know until today, is, these things are called "gadjets."
So I have had a play and added a few things which will hopefully make your experience here  a bit easier. No doubt as I gain a bit more confidence I will be able to move the gadgets around and make the side bar look less cluttered.
I will  have to spend some time studying other blogs and seeing what sort of thing looks good.
The rest of my day was spent doing what seemed like a mountain of ironing, and all the usual  day to day chores that we mums have to deal with but are way too boring to mention!

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  1. Rainy days can be miserable, but I actually enjoy the 'occasionally' as everything smells lovely and fresh, and the fruit in the garden seems to have a growth spurt!!
    Murphy is really coming on, I just know his owner is going to be delighted, I can't wait to see her face!!
    That pile ironing in your picture looks vaguely familiar, at least it was before I had 'a lady that does' the mountain is only ever a small hill, thank goodness. Xx