Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Quiet Day at Home

Our cat Milly  sleeps most of the day...and most of the night...she has got to be the most inactive cat ever! She regularly finds a new "favourite" nap spot, sometimes she is impossible to find!
I noticed the other day the dolls house door was open. Now I know it was played with by our friend's foster child the other day, but I know I had pushed it shut...but may not have put the hook on to shut it securely. It doesn't however  open by itself. Not only did I see the door wide open...I saw one or two pieces of furniture on the floor. "Odd" I thought to myself.
Yesterday I saw Milly, squished in to the doll's house garden! So I suspect she tried to find a cosy space in the house but gave up and investigated the garden instead! She has been there almost all day.
Very unusually Crystal was also in the same room....they tend to sleep in separate areas. Maybe this was the warmest room in the house has been rather overcast, damp at times and a little chilly for July!
We gave Grandma her weekly game of Scrabble as usual, after lunch.
Hubby won.....but when you hear not only did he get the Z and the Q, he managed to place both of them on TRIPLES you will see how he stormed into the lead and stayed there! I lost...but blame that on having 6 vowels throughout almost the entire game...and mostly O's and I's...although I did manage to use two O's at the same time AND on a triple word square...albeit it I only scored 12, but it did at least prevent hubby from boosting his score there!

We are planning to visit Bristol in the not too distant future, to attempt the Shaun In the City Trails.
We thoroughly enjoyed  Gromit Unleashed last year and so promised ourselves we would make the journey back this year.
We heard that one of our Sunday School family's were going this weekend, so asked them to pick up a map if they saw any.
They kindly picked us up a couple and we have already had some fun looking at the titles, designers, and choosing which trails we might do.
If you haven't done one of these and are in driving distance, its worth the visit and is a great day out and not only that, is raising a lot of money for charity.

Aside from the usual cooking of a roast, couple of baskets of laundry done etc, its been a quiet day at home with the family all around me...who could ask for anything more! And just to top it off...hubby cleared up after dinner for me!


  1. you will need to stop off at cribs causeway and go into the gromit shop!!

  2. A bit a mystery king on with the ills house, wouldn't it be great if you can get inside our pets heads and know what they are thinking!
    Your descriptions of your days always seem so calm and relaxing! Mind you we had quite a relaxing day today. After the morning service we all met together at a farm and had picnic, sadly we couldn't go outside because of the rain but they have a big barn which was lovely and clean (fortunately) its always good to eat together and generally catch up with each other.