Saturday, 11 July 2015

A lovely day that nearly didnt happen.

For some months now we have been looking forward to today. A young peoples event, some serious stuff and some fun plus plenty of food, and only an hours drive from home. As you know I have been preparing food for the last day or so to take along too.
Last night however, we didn't think we were going to make it. Teen One came and woke me at almost 11pm to say she had bad tummy pains. She had already taken some painkillers, but it hadn't touched the pain. We went through lots of possible options, but couldn't come up with why she was in so much pain, or get her into a position where the pain was alleviated a bit.
We went through NHS direct symptom checker and had two options....see our GP in 36 hours or, if we answered questions differently...go straight to A&E! By 1am we were totally shattered, hubby went to the spare bedroom and Teen One stayed with me. I am very glad to say that around half an hour later the pain had finally gone.
It was gone 2am before I dropped off, then at 4am was woken by her sneezing with her hayfever!   I had set my alarm for 6am so I could get up and put the finishing touches to the Jam Jar puds, so altogether had around 3hours sleep! Teen One however felt well, so we decided to continue with the day as planned.
The weather was lovely and during the afternoon some of the Young people had a game of football on the field whilst Teen One and hubby watched in the shade. Teen Two enjoyed the game....but I think he was in the sun too much as he then had a headache for a couple of hours!
The Jam Jar puds went down well....the first to go were the Oreo Sundaes and Chocolate Brownie Sundaes.
Lots of people complimented me on what a good idea it was and they were going to steal it... however I assured them they wouldn't be stealing it as I had also been inspired by seeing someone else make them.
I was surprised that the three left over were Eton Mess...I would have expected them to go first! There were plenty of desserts to choose from so I was surprised only three didn't go actually.
All of the White Chocolate Torte went and I was asked to share the recipe.
I covered it with strawberries and jelly beans...very colourful!
 I am always on the look out for new ideas when it comes to working with children, I rather like this "Boatyard" theme the church used for the children's reward chart.
 I also was rather taken with this handprint crab...
and orange octopus/jelly fish handprint...
Despite the day almost being a non starter, and the blip in the middle with Teen Two, we have made it home, having had lots of fun, made some new friends, and been inspired to read and study our Bibles more.
With young people being more techie than their older counterparts, it was great to have someone given them guidance and advice on digital study helps. STEP was one recommended and is free to download, if any of you are interested.


  1. I am having a problem commenting on your blog.

  2. Oh!!! It seems to have worked this time, I'm not sure what is going on but something happened on Friday and I couldn't comment on anyone. Hope you didn't feel abandoned!! Hope things will now get back to normal. Hope everyone is feeling OK now. You seem to have had a good time on Saturday. Xxx

  3. Not abandoned exactly just " life must be REALLY boring!" x

  4. Sounds as if you've had a great day out!!