Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Celebration of Food!

This weekend there is a Food Festival nearby, which is a celebration of local produce with a variety of cultural backgrounds.
What we like best about these events is all the sampling we can do!
This was one of the first things we tried, chicken and avocado salad on a warm maize based pancake/bread base. It was delicious.
The chutneys/butters are always a favourite, with little pieces of cracker available to spread our chosen flavour on.
The cakes looked delicious...but we can make them ourselves so they don't usually end up coming home with us.
Fudge stalls are a favourite, and are generally good at offering samples! Much more likely to get a sale from us!
Macaroons are delectable...but usually out of our price bracket. They are so beautiful though aren't they!
It was a warm day, so we took the opportunity to have a rest on the deckchairs and watch a demonstration. There was a change of plan as far as who was demonstrating and we ended up seeing the lady who was selling the macaroons....more free tasting! This time we tried the peanut butter ones...mmmmm!
There was free cake decorating for the kids, which Teen Two took advantage of, and the lady in charge wanted to take his photo, so we shall see if he appears in the local paper next week!
This hog roast smelt wonderful, but sadly no samples on offer!
There were so many different foods available, it was hard choosing what to have for lunch.
I was particularly pleased to see this stall here. I had read about "Bread Addiction" in our local paper, where all the breads are made from sour dough. I have been meaning to drive down and pay them a visit. What I sampled was lovely, but with breads starting at  £3 it seems rather pricey, but no doubt justified by the natural and local products used, so maybe one day I will treat us.
I apologise to these random strangers who have made it onto my blog! We were fascinated by the drink, which appeared to be something one would normally see in a chemistry lab!
The Teens opted for something a little more traditional.....a slush puppie!
After a lot of walking around and sampling, it was time to have another rest and get something more substantial into our tums. Hubby and I chose the first place we sampled earlier in the day...shredded chicken in one of the "wraps"...
... and the avocado and chicken for me...although we did share them out with the Teens and also swapped part way through so we could taste each others.
Teen Two opted for a rather upmarket cheese toastie and very sensibly went for a child's portion.
Teen One decided she was full enough from all the sampling and tasting of ours.

There was a children's mobile petting farm there, which Teen Two really appreciated.
On our walk back to the car we passed an Iceland, so popped in to get the new Magnum Pink ice creams. This time it was my turn to be full, so the box of three was perfect, and so much cheaper than buying separately from one of the vendors.
It was Race For Life day nearby, with plenty of runners to be seen, we thought these colours were very apt for the day!
We had a pleasant walk around a local lake on our way to the local natural history museum again
We wanted Teen Two and Hubby to see the new bee hive we had enjoyed a few days earlier,
but try as they might, they couldn't find that elusive queen bee!
Since arriving back home, hubby has disappeared under a cloud of saw dust, having started to sand down our old dresser. It has been on the "to do" list for a while and I am delighted to see it starting to take shape. I am not looking forward to the clear up I must admit!
This is the before picture, with the drawer painted in two sorts of paint to see which we liked the best. As it turns out we have gone with neither and are just using an egg shell white from Screwfix!
The dresser cost us £25 from the roadside about five or six years ago, what a find!
You will have to be patient for the "after" picture!
I was rather worn out after all the heat and walking ( not helped by waking at 2.45am and not getting off again till almost 5am then up at 7.30am!) so chose a cool spot in the garden and my little bag of crochet.
Teen One came to join me, but chose the noble task of some Bible study, inspired by last weekends young peoples day.
Teen Two sought some solace with his Lego table in his bedroom.
Despite all the sampling earlier on, I can hear the rumblings of hungry tums so need to go and do something about it!


  1. Hi happy mum. We are hoping to do a Minion theme for our kids in September. One of our ideas is to turn a coke bottle into a Minion - do you know if you can turn ordinary paint into stuff we can use on plastic?

  2. Annie Sloan paint works on plastic - just saying!!

  3. MMMMM - my kind of day - feel full just by reading your adventures. Loving the dresser though - now where's my paint tin?

  4. Annie Sloan paint costs money - just saying!

  5. You do seem to have exciting things going on down your way!! You could save so much on food bills!!! Looking forward to seeing the dresser when it is finished. You've certainly had your money's worth out of it.xxxxxxx

  6. Meant to say earlier, I have had the pink magnum, enjoyed it, have you had the coffee one. I have some for you to try.
    Reading PD comment I think he is actually asking for ideas for Minnion crafts!!! Not that I know him that well!! Xxx

  7. PD....If you add PVA glue to paint it helps with the adhering, picked that tip up from "Art Attack" on TV a few years ago. You need to add quite a bit...maybe 50/50, but PVA is cheap enough. Something else I saw, was to add the mixture to the inside of the bottle, out the lid on and shake well...and at intervals ( so it doesn't all slide down to the bottom) Haven't tried that one, but it looked very easy and effective.
    JD, we tried the coffee and the pink magnums in Italy at Easter, along with the Peanut butter cornetto. At the time we thought they were flavours just for the European market so splashed out on the extortionate price at a service station ( a big NO NO at home!) only to see them at home a couple of months later!
    The kitchen...and various other rooms are now covered in fine saw dust from top to bottom, in every nook and cranny...why oh why did I want it done!!

  8. that should read "put the lid on!"

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I will pass on a 'comment' that grew to dislike big time!! It will be nice when it is finished!!! Xxxxx

  11. Thanks for the paint advice - hoping to try the peanut butter confetti soon!

  12. Peanut butter confetti? Did I miss something?