Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Blast from the Past!

At yesterday's Food Festival, I caught sight of something called a "Diablo." It was rather crowded at the stall so I didn't get a chance to see exactly what it was...but I knew it wasn't a piece of circus equipment as suggested by the name!
I checked online today and discovered it's just what I thought it was...a "Spaceship" maker!!
As kids we LOVED spaceships for tea! I always had beans in mine and my brothers had spaghetti.
Butter was spread on the outside of bread, which was laid on the circular part of the "pan." Beans were then added, a second slice of bread ( butter side up) put on top. The lid then was brought down and the excess bread removed. A few minutes cooking on each side then produced the spaceship. The buttered toastie bread was delicious with the beans juice. Looking back, my mum must have spent ages at the hob making them, we wanted at least two each and when you can only make them one at a time, it must have been quite laborious. It's strange to look back and think that this was considered a main meal, but we kids really loved them.

Although this is only the primer coat, I think the dresser is starting to look so much better already!
I love how the top is looking now it's been sanded down, why didn't we do it earlier!
Today was our monthly family service and lunch. For one of my contributions I made Pulled Pork in sticky BBQ sauce. It doesn't look very appetising, but it was I allowed to say that!
Pork is probably my favourite meat, but is not popular with the family so I rarely buy it.
After seeing hubby go for seconds at the Young Peoples day last weekend, I decided to give it ago today and see how he got on with it.
I bought a piece of shoulder  (about £3) Cooked it in my slow cooker with some coke ( for extra sweetness) for around 20 hours. This morning it was so tender and pulled apart easily.
I then put it back in the slow cooker, with a good amount of the above sweet and sticky BBQ sauce/marinade by Heinz. Left it on low for about three hours when it was time for lunch.
Whilst it was "no looker" in the slow cooker...the proof of the pudding ( or dinner!) is in the eating.....
I had hoped there would be enough left for a sandwich at tea time...but not a scrap left, so I guess we could say it was a hit!
Teen One didn't try it out, but said she would next time I made it. Hubby didn't like the smell when it was cooking  (but pork fat and coke did smell weird!) but said he would eat it if I made it for dinner. Teen Two is so easy when it comes to meat I know he will have it. He doesn't mind if he gets a bone, piece of gristle etc, Teen One and hubby really really don't go for that at all!
We had over 20 for lunch, which is not as many as we have had in the past, but is enough to produce a lot of washing up. We were down a few of our own church members, so the rest of us were somewhat the point that  when hubby ran out of "blue jobs," and seeing the pile of washing up still to be done, rolled up his sleeves and took on the task. Well done that man, it was most appreciated.
Milly has found a new hidey hole...and I hope this one doesn't last long! She jumps up on the table ( clicking the table cloth by the looks of it!) and invariably knocks off one of my ornaments. She really is a funny cat, always looking for somewhere new to wile away the hours! I think I am going to draw the curtains tomorrow and see if that blocks her access.
This afternoon we have all chilled out on the sofa with the fan on to cool us down. It was too hot for anything else and had been a busy day!


  1. The fore runner of the toasted sandwiche.!!! We had one many years ago when the kids were small, I also remember the baked beans and spaghettie. I wish I had kept it but we 'upgraded' to a smart sandwich maker, which of course could make more than one at a time.

  2. I read a review today and it said about them being the forerunner to the sandwich maker, which I guess they were...but I think the spaceships tasted better" Maybe it was not having the crust...or maybe more filling ( think the spaceship maker is deeper) don't know, but my memory of them is far superior...but then memories are funny things!

  3. I have a diablo! Mind you I haven't used it in years - happy to bring it down at Christmas if you want to recreate the memory? for me it was baked beans with a cube of cheese in the centre - mmmmm

  4. I am sure you can buy the Spaceship maker in Lakeland. They were fun though, I don't remember what we did with the left over crusts. Probably bread and butter pudding. I love that as well!! Xx

  5. As kids we ate the crusts....must have been half starved ha! ha!
    I would add cheese now..back then it was not an option and bizzarely enough I don't know that we had cheese in the fridge very often, how things have changed!
    Now I would make a bread pud ( I always have a bag in the fridge for stale bread/crusts etc and when there is enough I make a bread pud) or zuzz up for breadcrumbs and freeze.