Friday, 19 June 2015

Us Girls and Our Bags!

Like most girls, Teen One does love her bags, however I am very thankful her passion does not extend to Mulberry, Dolce and Gabbana and the like! She fell in love with this £6 Primark one today, so it just had to be bought! She has always loved fruit themed items, even as a little girl and it's lovely to see so many things around at the moment.
I hadn't intended buying a bag for myself today, but when waiting in the queue to pay for Teen One's bag, I spied this delight hanging there! I have a similar one, in Polka Dot, which has been everywhere with me for over a year. It is the ideal size for carrying my knitting/crochet projects in. For £1, I thought, why not treat myself! I rather like cherry themed things on a white background, so this really fitted the bill!
Teen One and I love unusual salads...not something Teen Two or Hubby are particularly into. Being such a warm day, a salad seemed an ideal lunch. I threw together some spinach leaves ( our staple salad green nowadays) ribbons of carrot, brie, grapes, frankfurter and egg. It was delicious!
I don't usually buy pre-prepared veg or fruit...way too much money and its not as if I don't have time to chop my own! However, I have recently seen bags of veg reduced and have been popping them in the freezer. I have been surprised at how often they have come in handy. If I have wanted to make a quick pan of soup, I just have to take a bag out, or if a casserole needs a little extra something adding in, there goes another bag, and the other day I added a bag to a bolognaise I was making. I wouldn't pay the full price but 25p a bag is pretty alright I reckon.
I tasked Teen One with finding a Father's Day activity to do with the kids at Friday Club this week. She found this cool card project! It looked really impressive with fairly little effort to be honest, and the kids really had fun making them. The original instructions (scroll down a bit) had a 3D tie, but for the age of our kids, and the time available, we went for a cut out tie, gluing just the top bit so the bottom could flap like a real tie. The use of real buttons added an extra touch. We had thought that another time we could add a pocket, leave the top unstuck and then the kids could pop a little note in as a surprise.
I couldn't let today go, without mentioning a special person who influenced my life hugely as I was growing up. It would have been my grandmother's birthday today. I can't quite remember how old she would have been, but it wouldn't be far off 100. Above are three things that belonged to her and I still use.....well to be truthful I don't use THAT Bible. I do most of my daily Bible readings online, but it was her daily reading of the Bible that encouraged me to do the same. The Be-Ro recipe book and knitting needles are a regular feature in my life also! She was the one who patiently taught me to knit and also let me loose in her kitchen with the Be-Ro book. It couldn't have tasted too bad either as my Grandad used to encourage me by saying " you do the baking and I will do the washing up!"
This is a great little recipe book and still available to buy quite cheaply at only £2.50 including postage.
They also have recipes online. I treated myself to a new book earlier in the year. It still has many of the original recipes in and lots of new ones. I can highly recommend it!


  1. I love the strawberry bag, wish we had a primark more easily accessible. It is amazing what you can find on the Internet - love the cards. I never think to look for reduced ready prepared vegetables, I think I must go shopping at the wrong times, but you have certainly given me 'food' for thought.
    I also knew your Grandmother and I too remembered it was her birthday today, she would have been 99 yrs old today! How proud she would have been of her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. X

  2. 99 aye....I knew it was round about the 100 mark, doesn't seem possible does it! So granddad would have been 100 last year then is that right? They would have done so much bragging about their offspring, can you imagine! And to know one got a First class honours degree...well....thrilled just isn't the word!
    I think I have just been fortunate with the reduced bags to be that price they are certainly very handy! I tell myself I could chop up veg and store it in small bags like that, but never get round to it!

  3. I love getting reduced vegetables like this - as you say they come in so handy. I must admit that I pay full price for hopped onions in the freezer (around£1) - they are so handy that it becomes a faff to chop them yourself.

    As for your Gandmother being 99 today - wow that would have been an achievement. She would be so looking forward to her card from the queen next year.