Wednesday, 17 June 2015


A few weeks ago we took the Teens to a local theme park. Part of such visits always entail a trip to the Gift Shop. Nowadays they are generally as much fun for us adults as the kids. So many lovely things to see, so many gift ideas. To make it even more exciting, there was a SALE section!! I fell in love with these adorable little birds. As they were quite literally going for a song ( pardon the pun!) I didn't even have to choose which colour to buy...I bought them all!
Yesterday I experimented as to where their new home should be. At the moment they are blue tacked to a wall in the kitchen, and I must say, I enjoy looking at them each time I go in there, so that might be their permanent home...we shall wait and see!

Last week I saw a link to One Ingredient Chef's recipe for banana ice cream, so I thought it just had to be tried.  I started by chopping and freezing some ripe bananas....

...then last night I put them in the food processor and after some very noisy ( and slightly worrying!) blitzing, it happened....the banana started to look like ice cream!
I have to say, I wasn't really expecting it to taste like anything other than mashed banana...but nope...I was wrong, it had a definite "gelato" taste about it...and yet it was completely dairy free! I had added a small amount of sugar before freezing the banana, but other than that this was 100% free of anything else.

As three of us in the family are peanut butter fans, I  added a large spoonful to the mixture and blitzed up again....well this time it was much smoother and Mmmmmm...absolutely yum! It was a shame I had only frozen two bananas, I could have eaten much more! We have visited frozen yogurt parlours before and have to say, we think this is equal to anything we have had in there.
Now to give a balanced view, I need to record that hubby was not as impressed as Teen One and I. He DID enjoy it, but it's possible we may have "bigged" it up too much as he didn't think it tasted like ice cream at all....but definitely liked it, so this is something I will be making more of for sure. Usually I make banana bread with over ripe bananas, now I will be chopping and freezing them!

This morning I visited Brown Owl as usual. Sadly she was not her usual happy self, she was rather confused, repeating the same story ( that there was no water at all in our city due to a council mistake!) over and over again. My visit was much shorter than usual as a result, she seemed quite sleepy so I suggested she take a nap and I would call back another time.
I went on to visit another of my Recycled Teens, who I haven't mentioned before. She is an old family friend and now in a home for Dementia Patients. The visits there get shorter and shorter as she is either asleep or very agitated and visitors seem to aggravate the situation. Today she was really pleased to see me, smiling away, asking after the children, but very insistent that I don't stay as she was getting ready to go out! She has been bedbound for some years now, but staying would have unsettled her, so it was back home for an early lunch.
Teen One didn't have any college today, so was catching up on some homework (watching Disney films for English!) and was feeling a little she is used the yet to be finished rainbow blanket to snuggle under :)
This afternoon the weather has become very warm and humid and it's hard to believe she needed the blanket just a couple of hours ago!


  1. Love the little birds!! I would definitely leave them where they are. I enjoyed the programme last night about the bakery but was appalled at how much waste there was, surely all that stuff could have been found a home somewhere. Interestingly next week the shop under 'review' is Eve and Renshaw's in Louth. I have been in there and I believe the young retiree has bought fabric in there before now. Will be interested to see how it has changed. X

  2. I want those birds!!! Yes I have bought fabric in Eve and Ranshaws- they sell off their curtain samplers at £1/50p each so it would be a crime to leave them in the basket - yes? Intrigued re ice cream - will have to investigate further. The weather started nicely here but has been overcast all afternoon - I am expecting the rain.

  3. Oh wont that be funny to see a shop you know! Absolutely a crime to leave those samplers in the basket! Wish I had got more little birdies now :( Only 99p each.