Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Taking Time to Smell the Roses

Roses have got to be a flower loved by everyone. Who can resist their beauty and their fragrance. Sadly, due to some dodgy planting choices some years ago, our rose bush has become hidden by a bay tree. In order to get to the light, over the years the rose bush has worked its way through the entire height of the tree in order to find some space to produce that beautiful flower. Each year we intend to dig up the rose bush and re plant it...maybe this year we will actually do it! However, we are still able to admire those tremendous blooms....but there is no chance of getting a whiff of that delicate fragrance.
On my way home today from taking the car for its MOT ( the least said about that the better!) I was taken by the number of rose bushes, tumbling over several gardens, all laden with blooms. It was hard to resist taking a sneaky whiff as I walked past. In the end I thought "well why not!" After all...we should all take time to stop and smell the roses!  It was sheer joy to inhale that wonderful aroma...got to be one of my most favourite smells I think.

Yesterday I shared with you some memories of my grandparents "Promise Box." I hadn't realised that other family members also had the same memory! I knew I had kept the box, but couldn't be sure of its whereabouts. I must say, I surprised myself but putting my hands on it immediately this morning! That doesn't happen very often believe me! I generally THINK I know where something is, but often find in one of my "tidy ups" I have moved it somewhere else, but can't remember where! So....here for you all to see is the box...sadly no longer very white, and even sadder, minus those adorable little tweezers.

I promised you yesterday I would show you a photo of a baby blanket I was working on. I managed to unpick the bits I was unhappy with and it is currently upstairs being blocked. I have to confess to being rather a lazy crafter...if I can find a shortcut I will generally take it! Up until a few weeks ago I had never actually blocked any of my work! I hope that isn't too shocking for you all to read! I have once or twice attempted to iron pieces of knitting and crocheting, with pretty disasterous results! I can't quite remember why I decided to break with this rather tardy tradition of mine, but after a bit of research on You Tube I thought it didn't look quite as daunting as I had expected. Finding somewhere to do it was the issue. I finally worked out that if I used the warmest bedroom in the house, having pinned the blanket down, sprayed it liberally with water, the sun could then do its job of drying out the blanket. I must say, I was quite surprised with the result! The blanket felt much "looser" and the stitches lay flatter and more even. So, I thought I would give it another go, especially as this is a gift.
As a novice crocheter and blocker, any of you experts out there will have to forgive me if I haven't got either quite right!
The Ripple pattern is from Attic 24, who can't be inspired by Lucy's amazing work and blog! As someone who has not got on very well (to say the least!) with crochet patterns over the years, I am thrilled to tell you Lucy's clear tutorial is excellent. As you can see on the right of the baby blanket, I have another Ripple blanket on the go. This one is for Teen One who loves rainbows and will hopefully keep her snug in the winter on the sofa. The baby blanket has been made using one row of Lucy's pattern instead of two.

Like most of us I enjoy a good bargain and always head for the reduced sections of the supermarket. Last week I came home with some cheap rhubarb, which became a crumble for Sunday's dessert and yesterday I bought home some Bramleys. I like to keep fruit in the freezer, its so easy to rustle up a quick dessert for unexpected visitors when you have fruit around!
As I was preparing the Bramleys I was reminded of this time last year when our niece was studying in the delightful market town of Southwell.
We had arranged to pay her a visit and had spent some time researching the area for things of interest to do when there. It was then I learnt that the first Bramley Apple tree was planted there...and is  still in existence!
We also discovered that Southwell Minster now houses the most stunning stained glass window, dedicated to the apple!
If you are ever in the area I  can recommend a visit...but beware....you will be asked for a fee ( around £8) for copyright reasons to take a photo with your camera! Do what we did and buy a postcard in the visitors shop!

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  1. How I agree about taking time to 'smell the roses'. We all rush about every day thinking we are doing 'the right thing' but in reality we are are resembling those little gerbils running on their wheels, I suppose we are hoping in all that rushing we are doing some good on the way - and indeed I am sure we are. However we all need to recharge!! The blanket looks lovely, I love the pattern.
    Lovely to see The Promise Box again! I looked on the Internet to see if you can buy the little tweezers, but I couldn't find any. You can buy modern ones but they would seem right.