Sunday, 14 June 2015

Red and Green should never be seen!

As children we were all packed off to Sunday school  each week, infact a lot of the time we went to two Sunday schools. One was a small Gospel Hall and the other was the local Baptist Church. There was no time for a lie in on Sunday for us as kids, 9.30am was the Gospel Hall Sunday school and 11am for the Baptist Church.
The Gospel Hall sadly closed down recently and the hall is to be demolished and houses built on the site. The locals are not at all happy about that and feel the historic building should have been kept as a church. If only some of the fervour they had put into complaining about its demolition had gone into their crossing the threshold, maybe it wouldn't have to have closed. As a point of interest, you might like to hear that Rudyard Kipling is said to have attended Sunday School there. It is not beyond the realms of possibility as it is documented he lived for a time in the next road when he was a small boy.
One Sunday morning at the Baptist Church, I recall, very vividly, the Minister saying, "Red and green should never be seen however in God's creation they compliment each other beautifully." As a six or seven year old I had never heard that expression before, but since that day, whenever I see red and green together in nature, which is pretty much most days...I always think back to that day, and think how striking the colours are.
Today was no exception when I washed the strawberries ready for a cream tea later. And then when looking at the rhubarb being prepared for our crumble for todays dessert. How wonderful these colours look together.  I am very thankful for simple thoughts, given over the years, such as that one, that focused my young mind on something I may never have appreciated otherwise. I hope some of the things we attempt to share with our own children, and the many who pass through our hands at church come back to them some day too!

The red and green of the strawberries on the scones for our cream tea looked wonderful too....or was it the cream doing that! I didn't realise until I uploaded the photo that I had subconsciously chosen a green plate, which looks so good with the red on the scones!

Years ago I would have gone to great lengths to pipe the cream its just dolloped on "family style"....they didn't last long either!

For a very short time, we had some very welcome visitors today....doubly welcome as they brought a little friend with them!

How adorable is this little lady!! She is called Pebbles and is six weeks old. My friends daughter was down from up country, and as we hadn't yet met her husband of a few years, we were delighted when she suggested a quick "pop in and say hi" visit. The bunny was an unexpected purchase yesterday and my kids will love her forever for letting them have a little cuddle.
Both of the kids would like a bunny...and I guess it has to be said, I have always harboured a passion for a baby bunny, but the thing is, with four pets already, and frequent weekends/holidays away, I feel guilty adding to the menagerie for someone else to have to look after in our absence.  So for the moment we shall content ourselves with memories of this little poppet. (And quite by accident we have a bit more red and green going on!)

Pebbles and her new family are now heading back up north, all that's left for me to do is clear the kitchen, get the packed lunches made then do a spot of crocheting I think.


  1. Bunny or cat? I would still go for a dog but bunnies do enjoy a cuddle and stroke! Yummy looking scones by the way. X

  2. I remember the saying about colours as Blue and Green should never be seen! But even that saying is wrong, there are plenty of examples in. Nature where beautiful blue flowers forming on a green stem with green leaves, look lovely. Sounds as though you've all had a lovely day. Xx

  3. Funny you should mention Blue and Green. I tried to get to the bottom of where the saying Red and Green came from and there is a short poem with that line in...some people knew it as Red and Green and others Blue and Green! Interesting!
    Check out the ears YR....its a bunny!