Monday, 8 June 2015

Recycled Teenagers!

As well as living with two teenagers, I have the pleasure of having several recycled teenagers in my life. No doubt you will get to "meet" them as time goes by.
Last night, just having dropped off to sleep, the phone went. It was the Lifeline company who contact the emergency services and designated people for my 91year old neighbour. He does have a son who lives less than a mile away, however we agreed it made sense for us to be the first port of call for Lifeline should the emergency button be pushed. I was relieved to discover it was a false alarm and the cord around Joseph's neck had got tangled with his glasses, resulting in the button being pressed. Until I appeared in his bedroom, togged out in a bright pink onesie, he had no idea the button had been activated. I was able to let Lifeline know it was a false alarm and cancel the emergency services who were on their way. I hope Joseph got over the shock of having a brightly clad middle aged woman appear in his bedroom!

Monday mornings I pay a visit to another one of my recycled teenagers, an 82 year old widow from church. She suffered a stroke the same year as she lost her husband and has some mobility issues, so although she has a very supportive family nearby, an extra pair of hands and visitor is always welcome. I usually take her in a dinner, made up with the Sunday roast left overs, and today I took in a pud as well. It was a bit of an experiement if I am honest.
A few months ago my daughter showed me some Youtube videos of the most delightful cakes made and baked in a teacup...check it out!
I did get round to making my daughter one a few weeks ago, it was great fun, quick and easy and went down well.
Last week, as a treat for her birthday, we went to a new slightly upmarket café for lunch. We saw on the menu "jam jar puds" and thought "Mmmm, that sounds interesting!" Unfortunately we didn't have room for dessert after our very delectable open sandwich, but when I got home I googled ( as one does these days) jam jar puds and thought "what a great idea!"
I have been saving jam jars for a few months now, looking for that perfect way to use them...this is definitely going to be one of their uses one day!
However, yesterday, as you know, with the left over pudding mixture I made some Cake Pops....what I didn't say was, there was still a bit of mixture left over  and I wanted to do more than a bog standard fairy cake with it. I remembered I had stored away some old cups and mugs I no longer wanted, again looking for that perfect use. "Why not try a Mug Pud" I thought...bit of a blend of the mug cake and jam jar pud ideas.
There was enough mixture to fill approximately half of the cup. This morning I added some strawberry jam and then some of the left over custard from yesterday. When I presented it to my friend this morning, once she had got over the surprise of seeing food in a cup (!) she thought it was a wonderful idea and was looking forward to popping it in the microwave and hearing the ping telling her it was ready to eat.

Now for confession time!! I have been noticing some little white husk type things on the floor of our dining room...and also.....

some bare patches on the carpet. Up until last week I hadn't put the two things together! It was only have seen a programme called "The Lady Killers" about pest control, followed by a few weeks later "The One Show"doing a piece of moths, and finally The Daily Mail last week doing this article that the penny finally dropped!! We have uninvited house guests!  To be specific "case bearing moths" and all those little husks I was seeing were their cases! A quick google shows they are very common and hardy little creatures, but if things are kept on top of its fairly easy to get rid of them...better still....keep to wooden or tiled floors and you wont have the problem at all!
Feeling thoroughly ashamed that I had not on a regular basis pulled out EVERY piece of furniture in the dining room, I made up for it today and went into every nook and cranny, although I did draw the line at pulling out the piano! This is really why the problem as arisen, the dining room has three very heavy pieces of furniture so whilst I vacuum every day, I don't pull out everything....well I mean...we don't live in there so the room doesn't get dirty enough to warrant that kind of effort...does it?? Well apparently it does, so I have now turned over a new leaf and will be getting the hose attachment out more often in there. Of course I don't blame myself for being  a tardy housewife....its all the fault of the previous owners...had they not bought such a good quality carpet that had wool in it, the moths would have not moved in!


  1. I have loads of jam jars, so I am definitely going to investigate this idea. Strange you should mention the carpet issue, I noticed the other week that we have the same problem with the carpet in the small lounge!!! Fortunately only around the edges in certain places so it doesn't show too much. Horrible though.xx

  2. Oh no! Ours too is just here and there, the hard to get to areas with the vacuum basically! We have been wanting to change the carpet in there for some time so its not a real tragedy, but just means we have to live with a moth eaten carpet til the funds for a new one are built up...and we wont be getting a wool carpet for sure! Look forward to some ideas for jam jars then :) x

  3. At least you solved the problem - knowing what the problem is means that you can then start to solve it. I've seen cakes in mugs and salads in jam jars but never cakes in jam jars - need to investigate further as well! Mind you I need to stop laughing from the thought of an elderly man awaking to see you clad in a pink onsie - priceless!