Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mystery solved!

You might remember one of my first blog post's  had an air of mystery about it!! A bag of food, that three us remembered handling, disappeared into thin air! Saturday was the scene of much detective work in our house...we looked in the most bizzare of places, as all three of us were SURE it had been brought home. Well.....when I went to church for our Mother and Toddler group this morning....guess what was sitting on the table!! So, how can three of us be so sure we had brought a bag home....I guess the only answer is, it was ANOTHER to what was in that bag will have to remain a mystery I think, I am just glad to be reunited with my new bag of icing sugar! I think the birds are going to have a midnight feast tonight on all the bread I will put out!

I love gardens but would not say I am a good or even a keen gardener.  A lot of what I plant doesn't seem to stay alive for long and rarely comes up the following year. Imagine my delight when these  Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) self seeded themselves by my front door! I loved this plant when I was a child ( sorry if it seems I am always isn't really the case!) It was so exciting to be able to pinch them at their base and see the little mouth open!  Quite how these beauties have managed to grow so well from a crack in the paving is beyond me, but I am happy for them to be there.
I found one stem had been trampled on the other day, and despite the stem looking forlorn and beyond repair, the flower was still going strong after a few days. I decided it deserved some TLC and brought it into the house for some fresh water and a quiet spot in the kitchen where it would be safe from big feet crushing it! It adds a touch of colour to the place.

I don't know if you can see the jam jar well enough, but it has the most dear little toadstools painted on it. I treated myself to it a few weeks ago. It is actually a pencil sharpener....a cunning little craftsperson has recycled a mini jam jar into one by screwing a pencil sharpener to the lid and cutting out a couple of holes for the pencils to go in. I doubt I will ever use it as such, I just bought it because it was so sweet and I love toadstools (is this a throw back to the Brownies???!)
It cost just £1 in a shop called "Tiger." Its a really interesting shop, not terribly big, but full of unusual and irresistible items!

I wouldn't consider myself to be a huge eco warrior, but I don't like waste and wherever I can will do my bit for the environment. I am always frustrated, with how much water I have to let run down the plughole, when waiting for the washing up bowl to fill with hot water. In the winter I just have to accept it, but in the summer I don't like to let it all go to waste, when I know I will need to run the tap at some point to water the pot plants or garden.  Today I filled an empty 6 pint milk carton with water before the water was hot.....imagine how much that adds up to over the course of a year! This bottle of water went to good use thankfully...watering some seedlings I am trying to bring on. This was a Christmas present for the teens...who really don't have any interest in gardening sadly, so I thought I ought to have a go at the very least, but I am not expecting to be able to live off any of what actually grows!
It promises purple carrots, stripey tomatoes, yellow courgettes, red brussel  sprouts and multi coloured shard. Let's not hold our breath on this one!
Today is a gloriously sunny day, just right if you have nothing to do! Whilst many of us can enjoy the summer weather, for some, like my teens, it brings on the misery of hay fever. My son went off to school this morning ok, but by 10am I had a call from the medical room asking me to come and collect him. He had sneezed almost non stop, had a headache and was feeling a bit giddy. So my day took an unexpected turn and I had to abandon the Mother and Toddlers for an hour whilst I went to collect him. Thursday afternoons are usually spent with my recycled neighbour, doing a bit of cleaning, then having a cuppa and keeping him company for an hour. Today however, I explained I wouldn't be able to stop for so long due to my son being home ill.  I did the usual bits and pieces, had a quick chat then came home. A few minutes later the door bell was my neighbour, he had struggled along the pavement with a couple of ice creams for my son and I...what a kind and thoughtful chap he is! We both enjoyed our unexpected treat.


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  3. I am not sure why my comments were duplicated, probably something I pressed when I shouldn't have! That's why I have deleted one of them, no point in saying something twice. Xx

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  5. me11 June 2015 at 09:22

    So pleased you found the icing sugar!!! It had to be an obvious solution to the mystery, but it is so frustrating trying to find out what it is. Love the snapdragons, one of many plants that show the wonders of creation, I also love the little jar. Didn't realise you liked toadstools, must look out for some!! Isn't it lovely to have kind neighbours, it makes all the difference in the world to live in peace and harmony, it is a two way thing and I am sure he appreciates every thing you do for him. Hope your son is feeling better, summer is lovely but 'hay fever' not.!! Didn't comment yesterday but I do soooooooo!! Agree about the underpants!! Xx

  6. Hope you don't mind "ME" but I have edited your post to delete the name:)
    Have acquired quite a few toadstools over the years with trying actually. I will take a pic of them all for a blog post one day :) xxx

  7. What a lovely surprise from your neighbour - and just the right kind of day to enjoy the treat. I have hay fever myself and no one can really understand how debilitating it is until you have it. With exams being around the corner for your son it may be worth investigating injections - I had to have mine in January

  8. Didn't realise it was possible to have injections. My daughter has it very bad today as well...last year was her first year of it and it has come back with a vengeance this year. So thankful I don't have it!