Sunday, 28 June 2015

I think I must love Polka Dots!

Today, being the fourth Sunday in the month, is our Family Service followed by a bring and share lunch. We are a small congregation these days, and along with about a dozen visitors come to the service , it means I am cooking for about 25 or so.
Thankfully, as a church,  we invested in an aga style cooker a few years ago, so there are plenty of hobs and three ovens. Even with this, the use of three or four slow cookers is needed to ensure the food is kept hot.
Warming the plates before hand is an essential part of ensuring everyone's dinner is as hot as it can be for as long as possible.

I discovered a while ago, that if you heat up a stack of plates in the microwave, and then store them in a cool bag, they stay warm for quite a long time. I had been using our cool bags from home up until this week, but as I seem to have so many things to remember and inevitably end up forgetting something, I wanted to have one less thing to remember to take, so invested in a couple of cool bags to keep at church. These ones took my eye, so bright and cheerful! They did a great job, and at just 99p from the 99p Store they were a good investment!

As I loaded up each bag throughout the lunchtime, I thought how pretty the bags were, and then thought about how many other polka dot items I own. There seems to be a bit of a theme!
Here is a quick glimpse at some of the dotty things in my life!



So if I appear a little dotty at times, you will understand why!

It has become a bit of a tradition that I make "Elijah Bread" for one of the desserts at the family bring and share lunch. This recipe had evolved over time, and has been used many times when telling the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarapheth in I Kings 17. The Friday Kids love making it and their parents often ask how its made. Its one of those "by golly by gosh" recipes that are made by instinct rather than weighing and measuring. You can find your own balance of what you like, but as a rough guide I use

2 cups  self raising flour
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup oil
enough water to mix to a soft dough

All the ingredients get mixed together and then baked in a moderate oven until golden brown and  knife comes out from the middle clean.

It tastes rather like a sweet crusty scone.
Today for the first time I tried using gluten free flour. We have a coelic come along regularly and she had a taste of last months Elijah bread and was keen to try some out herself. I thought it would be rather nice to make a small loaf just for her. I have never used gluten free flour before, and it is most certainly very different to regular flour, however she said it was delicious and well worth making again.
The  picture shows the bread before it is baked ( forgot to take one afterwards!) and is much smaller than I would usually make.

Teen One loves it for breakfast, supper, snacking!

  So simple and easy to make as well.


  1. You have a 99p store - we are so jealous! Love the recipe idea - we have just tried making the beetroot seed cake - will let you know later how it tastes xx

  2. I think you may have been it in too! Mmm to the cake!

  3. The spotty bags look good. I never thought of using them to keep things warm!! Obvious when you think about it. Well

  4. Crazy isn't in, we think of them to keep things cold! I just thought one day....its probably like newspaper, insulative, so keeps things at the temperature they are...warm for chips, cold for frozen items! When I first started to use the bags someone said that's how pizza deliveries are kept warm!

  5. Of course!! Never had a pizza delivery but have seen them! Note to self, keep your eyes open more and think outside the box!!!