Monday, 29 June 2015

I Love INSET days!

INSET days didn't exist when I was a child....I am sure! However, they are always very welcome in our household, a chance to do something fun with the Teens, and with every chance there will be fewer crowds.
Both Teens are "Despicable Me" fans, and who can't love those adorable Minions! So with the news the new Minion film was out at the weekend, it was perfect timing for us. The drive out to the cinema is a very pleasant one as you can see.
Teen Two went appropriately dressed and Teen One......
had some appropriate  Minion sweets won in her English lesson last week, for a group effort making this rather stunning "Creative Timeline....."
....whoever would have come up with the idea of a Timeline being presented as a Full English Breakfast!! Great aye!
Teen Two loves KFC, but it is a treat we reserve for very special occasions, and today was perfect.
Unusually, for a lad of his age, he always chooses the healthy option of  beans for the side order instead of fries! I had already had a healthy salad at home ( I good am I!) but the drive there was rather hot so I decided to treat myself to a coffee frappe. Unfortunately, the assistant got the order completely wrong ( partly due to a broken machine) and I ended up with a Mocha ( which I had thought was the Latte alternative I went for) and a Kreme Ball. The ice cream was very nice but not really what I was in the mood for, so Teen One finished it off for me, and the mocha has come home to heat up for Hubby later. I contended myself with the bottle of chilled water I had brought from home!
We called into town for a few bits and pieces and for the first time I can recall, Teen Two took an interest in some clothes! We came away with a couple of T shirts, a leather look jacket ( which he thought he looked really cool in!)  a pair of Minion PJ bottoms, some canvas shoes and two pairs of sunglasses....when I tell you we were in Primark, you wont be surprised to hear the bill for all that was less than £30! I did spy these and thought what a lovely colour( and polka dot too!) but managed to leave them on the shelf....but they are rather gorgeous aren't they! And like the cool bags, although usually used to keep drinks hot, they would keep a chilled drink cool!
 Last year Teen One suggested we organise a special activity to end the school year with, for the Friday Club/Sunday school children. This turned out to be a really big hit with the kids so we are planning another one this year.
We have come up with the idea of having a "Summer Quiz night and Indoor BBQ!"
Probably inspired by our own Summer Makeover at home, the evening is going to have some beach themes going on, and with this in mind, we are trying to come up with some ideas for treats the kids can take home with them.
A wander round Poundland today came up trumps! We found these Ice Cream cone shaped lolly makers. Ideal for filling with sweets we thought! We had already thought a stick of rock would be suitable, so were delighted to find small ones in the shop too! Wacky sunglasses were another these ones will really fit the bill! So good when a plan starts to come together!
We have a bin bag full of unused lolly sticks that never seems to go down no matter how many we use, so Teen One has been researching online some ideas and came up with this rather novel idea!
 It may be something we can do as a group on the night, I don't think they will manage it on their own...great idea though!

If any of you bloggers have any other ideas, do share! As a last resort, we are going to give each child a bundle, with the challenge of making something over the summer holidays and winning a prize if they show us in September!



  1. I wish I'd have known about lollipop stick glut - I had to buy mine and paid an awful 87p for 100!! Spots again ahem!!

  2. Lilly sticks are great - we love them!

  3. No way!! Well we will never get through them that's for sure, have had them for at least a decade and been very wasteful with them, but still seems to be as many as when we started! Let me know if you want any!

  4. HM you've got Christmas sorted!! Lolly sticks wrapped in blue paper, ideal PD &YR. Can you remind me of the rules for Christmas, I know it involves Blue, £5. And upcyling I think.xxxxx

  5. Blue, £5 and a challenge I think

  6. I thought it had to be something to go in a cracker!!