Saturday, 13 June 2015

How Time Flies!

Today has been one of those "where did the years go" days! It was our first Uni Open Day visit with Teen One.
Quite how she got from the little scrap of a thing we see above, just a few days old, to the tea supping young lady, looking through the Open Day prospectus, I just don't know! But it was one of those milestone days for sure...and how those little hands have grown!
The Uni was all we had expected it to be, and more. It has to be said, the free ice cream was probably the icing on the cake....for Teen Two at the very least!
Having an eye for anything creative, I was particularly taken with this weaving feature, made from old carriers and plastic lids, great as an outdoor feature and so colourful too.
There are no more Open Days for a few months now, although this is the one Teen One really would like to attend, but we do need to check the others out as well.
Once home it was on with some chores, the usual hanging out washing, a bit of baking and gardening etc.
Hubby kindly put my new "towel rail" up in the kitchen. I don't think that was its original purpose, but when I saw it in Lidl's a few months ago for £2-3 I thought it would be just the job. I have lot of "hangy" things, collected from various places, so all those hooks will come in very handy.


  1. Who would have thought this little scrap would grow into a confident well balanced and accomplished young lady. I wonder if the free ice cream continues to be offered when uni starts!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog (even the lengthy sentences)!! So please continue, I need something to look forward to each day. Xx

  2. Meant to say, how lovely the plastic art work, I have only seen carrier bags used to make knitted bags. Much prefer the wall hangings

  3. I love the hanging rail - very original xxI really hope that teen one gets into the university that she wants and that she enjoys her chosen course.

  4. With free cups of tea today and free ice cream, Teen Two announced he rather fancied the idea of Uni after all!! With Cambridge announcing its "Lego course" maybe there is hope yet!!!
    Glad the daily ramblings aren't too boring!

  5. Cambridge doing a Lego Course! He's got to apply for that. Xx

  6. Well he has to make it to Professor status first...but you never know!!!