Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Fathers Day!


Here in the UK it is Father's Day. We don't go for expensive presents or large bouquets of flowers on these days, in our family, but do show our appreciation to those we love in a small way.
I would like to say we made the delicious looking Choc Chip Panettone, but it was a spur of the moment supermarket buy, and at only £1 I couldn't resist it!

Hand made cards are often a feature in our family, and we have some expert card makers in the wider family sphere, they put our feeble attempts to shame! However, I guess its the thought and effort that counts.
This year both Teens made Dad a card. I particularly love the design of Teen One's....

...although she said she can't claim credit for the design....she can certainly claim credit for drawing it, I would not have achieved anything half so good!
Hubby is rather partial to a Mocha, and its generally his preferred drink if we are anywhere near a Costa's. Whilst in Lidl's this week, Teen One and I spotted a pack of Chocolate sticks, for adding to coffee/hot milk etc. We thought ,what a great idea for dad......but at £1.50 for two...and the chocolate looking exactly like our ice cube mould, we thought we could make far more for far less and of course they would be home made too!
It was rather a job finding somewhere in the house to hide them....with the weather being so warm several rooms were out of the question. The fridge would have given the chocolate white blemishes, so after much thought I decided the garage was the best place.
I thought I had hidden them well...but wouldn't you know, Hubby went out in the garage looking for something and saw them. He asked a while later what was in the ice cube tray and was happy with my "ice cube tray??? I really don't know what you mean!" reply.
This morning of course it all became obvious. He has sampled one already and given it the thumbs up.

After our strawberry picking yesterday it will come as no surprise to know we had Eton Mess for dessert again. It has to be said, it is not the best looking dessert ever....but then what can you expect from something called "Mess!" However, what it lacks in appearance it certainly makes up for in taste!


Grandma comes for the day every Sunday, and this week she brought a coffee cake with her! Other people's cooking always seems to taste better than your own, so I am really looking forward to a slice of this at tea time. She knows Teen Two doesn't like nuts, so half is covered in walnuts and half in chocolate shavings. What a kind Grandma :)

Because I had taken a picture of Teen Two's Lego creation yesterday, he thought I might like to take one of today's model. I ought to have pointed out yesterday, these models come with moving parts, there is a lever at the back, that when pressed, makes the arms move. He is really impressed with that! For any AFOL's out there, his favourite range is Bionicle.

Its a very quiet Sunday afternoon sound coming from anywhere...except from two chairs where a gentle sound of snoring can be heard!! They are no doubt exhausted after the Scrabble battle! Dad won, Teen One came second, I came third and very very unusually Grandma lost.


  1. I like the sound of your sunday afternoon - very relaxing! Please tell teen 2 that his models are very impressive and Grandma that her cake looks good enough to eat from here - miles away!!

  2. You are far too talented - no idea where you get all your ideas from. Loved the eton mess in a jar idea from yesterday and the chocolate straws today! I can see where teen 1 & 2 get their creative flair from. The coffee cake does look amazing but I can't give you credit for that!!!!

  3. PD...the internet is a wonderful thing:)

  4. Another relaxing Sunday afternoon!!! Well well done. We also have had a relaxing day, which is quite unusual for us. I managed to make a marzipan and apricot cake which turned quite well. It is the given recipe for our village garden show later in the year. I thought it sounded interesting so I had a practice. Xxx

  5. Mmm I love the sound of that! Two of my favourite combinations! x

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